Inside a Man’s Heart, Mind & Wallet

There’s enough free space inside a man’s heart. There are so many things going on at a particular time. There are so many invalid credit cards...

Some guys are flamboyant enough to flaunt their skills everywhere while some dies craving for that eternal bliss. All men are different. Priorities change with age. That’s a cliche but the need remains constant. A twenty something who gets everything during his younger days would surely try to concentrate on his career rather than spending time to woo someone. Things aren’t same for everyone. Some guys aren’t lucky enough to get proposals from that best looking girl in the college or school. Some guys aren’t among the studs. They start little late - Better late than never types. This category has lots of money now. They are the cream of the society. Their childhood days were boring. They made love with books and equations and now they have ass models around their arms. They are loved by everyone especially by their would-be in-laws. They finally look dashing in their formal attire. There’s nothing that money can’t buy – happiness, love and that pure lust. Their wallets are filled with valid credit cards, they have big bank balance and they are the ones who finally take away all the beautiful brides.

Happiness comes in installments. Some men are born with nothing but die with enough wealth to feed ten generations. They have one ambition and one life. They are the big ones. Their priorities are different. They are the unforgettable types.

And then there’s that third type who keeps dreaming. They keep juggling between reality and fiction. They aren’t losers, they aren’t bad, and they are just fine. They are definitely not the best ones. They live thousand lives, thousand dreams, and thousand characters in a single life. They have enough space to accommodate everything that’s exciting. They haven’t found their goal. Their search continues. They are impractical; they love to pamper their hearts. They create symphonies, they try to play with designs, and they love to experiment with everything that’s available at a particular time. Nobody’s perfect and they epitomise that imperfection. There are so many things inside a man’s heart, money and wallet, there’s so much to unveil and decipher…


  1. Rish men get it all except sincerity.

  2. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Well now, this is an intriguing post. I found the phrase 'ass models' quite amusing.