The Indispensable Gods…

Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors. ~ Jim Morrison

The whims and fancies of this urbane generation might just become an old-world charm for the next gang. The clothes we wear today, the diction we use, the technology we employ could just become obsolete but someone like me and you may perhaps dig canals and return back to us to feel the soothing fragrance of our times.

We have still not found our Heroes, we are still struggling to make the world a better place, and we are still a confused generation. We admire our ancestors, we praise about the future but we are unable to feel the music of the present. It’s an experimental age where everyone is moving, just moving. Things are evolving may be. The transition from old to new is somewhat pleasant but the transformation isn’t clear. Ghosts of Jim Morrison, Mahatma Gandhi, and Shakespeare still trouble us.

We have a unique life, quite different from our ancestors, quite flamboyant and easy as we think now. We no more hunt animals for our living, we no more see tigers and lions in our neighbourhood but we still crave to own a farmhouse, dance around trees, wear colourful dresses and sing around carefree. We constantly yearn for a selfless smile, we long for a warm hug. We are creating loneliness, we are just moving.

It’s an era of fusion may be a blend of country song and urban trance. It’s an age where nobody is insignificant, nobody is ordinary. We followed our predecessors, we sang their songs, we recited their poetry, and we took up their lifestyle and evolved. We had Michael Jackson, we have Sachin, we have our indispensable Gods but we are still in search of that Hero inside us. We are still praising others, we are still not flying, and we are just living a life without imagination. The thrust is definitely missing. Are we still procrastinating? Are we still waiting for that anonymous something?

Image Credit: Michael Vincent


  1. hi...
    true we dont know what we want what sort of transformation we are longing for we don't know....we are digging, prunning, ourselves to be better for that inside hero..but we are creating lonliness and are sailing on that boat....

  2. Dig a bit deeper all answers are with in us.

  3. "Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names"
    That is a universal truth and will always continue

  4. @iti..It's quite a rigorous process I guess. However, we shouldn't try to decipher more. We should just keep sailing I guess.

    @Arpana...True! We have everything inside us. Dig or not to dig is the question now :)

    @Improve Golf Swing...Jim Morrison was right.

  5. yes, totally agree with you that its a rigorous process..but if we will not decipher then who else will do as nobody knows us better than our own very self, so why to cheat....isn't true