The Hitchhiker and His Memories…

That innocent countryside, caravans, buffaloes, pretty lass, and some memories - the hitchhiker gets ready for his journey. He lifts his backpack and commences his voyage to see the evergreen. He flies across the world to catch a glimpse of harmony; he escapes to the farthest corner of the world to acquire the inaccessible nirvana…but everything isn’t just fine every time. There’s something in between the never-ending chaos and sheer bliss!

After losing everything – love, job, home. He decided to take a road leading to heaven. He was bored and was severely traumatized. Traveling was the only alternative left to rejuvenate his life. His eyes were always wet, his lips were always dry, and he is just hopelessly kept traveling through the narrow aisles. He was capturing everything with his digital eyes. He was running behind trains, he was trying to feel everything that’s beautiful. He was meeting people with different features, better than his.

He stumbles against a story that changes his life, he finds something that made him so very alive. The tale of the hitchhiker starts from here…

He meets an old lady. She was elegantly dressed in white. She gave him some white lilies and told him to feel them at the time of grief and happiness. The hitchhiker kept traveling in search of life. He was still unhappy and deserted. He was unable to feel life in and around him. He tried to feel the white lilies gifted by lady but couldn’t feel anything. He decided to go back home, embrace everything as it was. Suddenly, the lady appears again. She was looking little younger now. The hitchhiker was surprised to see her growing younger. He tried to feel the white lilies again. Suddenly, they became emotive. Oh yeah! He could feel them now. His heart began to throb louder. The place around him became brighter. He finally understood what she meant by 'feeling '. He realized it was not the white lilies he could feel but the whole world around him. Everything had come back to life as if charmed by the lilies' scent.

As the lady was growing younger, he felt all the happy moments she had gone through. He felt love and affection, he went through all her dreams and hopes, he felt the warmth of a pure heart. The lady disappeared but the scent of white lilies still lingers on.

Tonight, the hitchhiker is no more traveling. He is writing about his memories, he is praising the lady for transforming his heart which once grew old...


Photo Credit: Chris Begg


  1. Sounds like a dream. Was it a dream?

  2. nice 1... The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is also on the same theme.. Did u took inspiration for this blog from the book?

  3. Brilliant composition! I recalled the Alchemist the moment I read through this!

  4. a good write.

    there is just one thing:
    'he felt all the happy moments she had gone through. He felt love and affection, he went through all her dreams and hopes, he felt the warmth of a pure heart.'

    isn't feeling pain , despair and sorrow as important in being able to live life as affection,dream, hope etc? don't they require acknowledgment too?

  5. @Nethra...There's an element of dream in this post. May be magic realism.

    @Abhilash - There's a touch of fantasy. It was a subconscious inspiration may be.

    @Rakesh...Thanks for appreciating and getting a feel of The Alchemist. Feels great!

    @Amropali....True! I think pain needs to be appreciated and I am doing that for a long time now :)