The End of Platonic Love…

Is there anyone who still believes in love without a hint of lust? Is there anyone who still feels the lilies in her absence? Is there anyone who hums that forgotten symphony of desire?

Cherry had a cute smile, petite body and bright brown eyes. She had everything except a throbbing heart. She was like a rock from inside and soft cotton from outside.

John was crazy for her. His heart wanted nothing but love – the platonic one. He spent 25 long years to impress her and eventually failed. She vanished without telling him, she flew away, she deleted him completely from her life. He was no more running with bouquets of yellow roses, he was no more shivering in the cold winter night, and he was no more singing love songs. He kept whining, he acted like a loser in disharmony.

Time heals everything as they say. Broken hearts also smile sometimes. The loneliness and pain makes you strong, makes you rude, and makes you imaginative, you talk about maple leaves, raindrops and lilies. You try to change the world from your silent corner, you write disconnected prose. You become mad and that madness becomes your love.

John no more whines about his past. He is busy and prosperous like never before. He no more chases a fake shadow. The ghost of Cherry makes him strong, the nightmares of the past is nothing but some ugly chapters in his life. He destroys them. He silently keeps walking, he no more shares his mind with anyone, and he is just in love with himself. He may be rude at times, get irritated at every small thing but he isn’t a loser. He is the king now who knows how to dance in a midsummer night and wake up next day without a hangover...


Image Credit: Bernie Kasper


  1. This is fiction... but it is inspired from many true life stories... I have the same..

  2. Platonic love is rare.But then love between Two best friends is purely platonic without lust,as you put it.I know.I have that love for my best homie.
    The story was nice.Sometimes,you have to be harsh to move on in love.

  3. the fiction is quite a fact !!!

  4. short crisp and bang on the nail :)

  5. 'He is the king now who knows how to dance in a midsummer night and wake up next day without a hangover'

    thumbs up.

  6. Brilliantly written post! :)
    Though I don't think platonic love exists anymore... It's a dying norm.

  7. Nice post..although I believe platonic love does exist.

  8. yeah right does platonic love exist!!... a pretty confusing and unanswerable question!!
    mind tells no but heat says yes!

  9. platonic love does exist but only in pure hearts....but i suppose only few lucky ones get bestowed with it.....strange yet true

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