Dirty Womanizer

He carries a grin on his face. Silently gaze at everything, moves ahead, and seduce all fine things with grace. His mind never sleeps; he is on a constant prowl, he visits dingy corners, he is never satiated. He hates to be in a relationship, he constantly escapes. He keeps scribbling about his momentary affairs in his diary. He makes a long list of his misdeeds. He lives with a curse, he moves ahead without a feeling of guilt. He is promiscuous and insanely attractive.

Womanizing is touted to be a bad thing. The urban population is witnessing a steep rise. It’s a part of the dark human history where emotions and love takes a backseat. Philanderers are lonely, depressed and heartbroken. Sometimes it’s hereditary. How they are born? Womanizers are mostly shy. They are like silent killers. They have too less male friends. They aren’t very social. Their existence is often hidden inside the four walls. They are very soft, full of sugar and starch. They have pleasant demeanor. They know the art of mesmerizing anyone with their uncanny charm.

Money! Yes, they are rich if not charming. They have enough wealth to feed any dumb brunette, they have power. However, a seasoned womanizer may not need money or power, they are born with it. They have some magical powers to attract anyone, everyone they touch or meet. Skirt chasers are always hated by ordinary men.

Womanizing is an addiction; it’s something that keeps a womanizer alive and moving. He is self centered, heart less. He is so much into lust. The abundance of women in his life accentuates his status. He is so proud to be like that…

Are you a womanizer? Are you in love with a womanizer?


  1. Interesting thoughts!! Quite nicely presented!!

  2. I was wondering how would it be if a woman was doing everything that's said above.

  3. interesting.............

  4. A very in-depth focus of the mind of a habitual!

  5. I was wondering about what Nethra said..Double Standards..

  6. @Vyankatesh...Thanks :)

    @Nethra...Women are equally active in this genre. They are various shades. Some shades are really very dark.

    @Ana...Somewhat intriguing too.

    @Rakesh...Focus is the right word.


    @Blue Lotus...I was wondering what I've said now. It’s a bit confused world I guess ;)

  7. I would say flirting with womeniser is what keeps life going for women(whether they agree or not!!). This can be vise versa also.If you are in serious relation with someone then I think there is no harm in flirting with womeniser. If you are not in a relation, then flirt more than necessary and then keep distance. :-p
    Just flirt and nothing more than that!.
    Whats life without flirting with people who knows how to get other's attention??

  8. nice post buddy ;)
    now lemme tel u one truth- every girl wants to flirt with a womanizer but she always hopes that she is the last one
    now coming to the other part- i can see a little bit of u in all your posts,all your characters.& i guess u already know that i would stand by what i said in the previous topic.
    check my new pics
    u would fall in love for sure & next i would be expecting a post on me.
    it due for a really long time :(

  9. read somewhere a woman thinking aloud: 'Wonders if Mr. Right really exists. Till now I've just found Mr, Psycho, Mr. Stupid, Mr. Arrogant, and Mr. Ignores-me-suddenly, Mr. Casanova.'

  10. I definately don't want my path to cross with one such womanizer

  11. @Bhavana...Well! Interesting and honest approach. Liked it.

    @Nandita..."Every girl wants to flirt with a womanizer but she always hopes that she is the last one" - Well said.

    @Amropali...There's no Mr.Right in reality I guess, which is why there’s fiction.

    @Rajlaksmi...Thanks for sharing :)

  12. :-)

    Interesting, the blog as well as the comments!