Damn Urban Addictions!

Tired eyes, Saturday night, empty bottles of whiskey, cigarette butts resting everywhere with delight, there’s that mystical songstress humming her favorite song, there’s some trance, there’s some beautiful pain lingering around his heart. He is gazing at his computer screen without an idea, he is staring at the keypads, he is unable to type, and he is unable to create another life.

He dreams about the silken moon caressing his sleepy arms, he keeps procrastinating. The inevitable delay makes him quiver, he halfheartedly blabbers like half-drunk mad man, and he tries to perform a guilt free escape. There’s nothing like playing around with metaphors, there’s nothing like getting drenched in a cold winter morn, there’s no life without an addiction…

Some people are just very addicted to everything that excites their inner nerves. Some addictions are momentary while some stay throughout your life. They keep pestering you like a shadow. They gradually get inside you and manipulate your psyche. Addiction to anything is so very devastating but no one understands that until they find another equally better obsession.

Some people are addicted to love, some people are addicted to lust, some people just keep shifting their addictions, some people just die without a whimper, and some people are glorified due to their mad addictions. Fast cars, flashy gadgets, designer clothes, money, posh living room, materialistic bliss keeps tempting a human soul. There’s no end, there’s only expansion everywhere. Life starts after 40, becomes more exciting in the late 60’s, there’s no sign of aging, there’s only expansion. Anti-aging pills are doing a great job.

The madness is beginning, life’s doing rock ‘n’ roll in our galaxy. The drumbeats are becoming faster, the noise is slowly transforming into symphonies. Some people love shopping to calm their souls. Some people love to hold hands and walk under the moonlit sky; some people keep dreaming about a better tomorrow, some makes love with their make-believe mates, some keep unconsciously dancing with the flow. A geek loves to play with codes; he does coding for his love, a poet keep imagining things and finally creates some lyrical words that they call it poetry, a gamer keep unlocking impossible stages, a graphic designer sleeps with photoshop, a facebook addict keeps refreshing his page, an alcoholic hardly waits for a dry day. That’s how everything works I guess!

Image Credit: Coreybarksdale


  1. Even I got many addictions. Addiction got its own beauty, right?

  2. True, life's incomplete without addictions!