Unconventional Relationships and Fatal Attraction!

Dark, gloomy, seductive and wonderful – there are various shades; there are different symphonies of life. Alas! Everything exists. There are modes to satiate. There are virtual pleasures as well as real joy around. Everyone is carrying a wallet of desire. There are less boundaries, more freedom now.

The world of perverts is frequented by sane people too. It’s almost normal to love anyone you admire. It’s almost sane to love someone who is much older to you. Love is a universal feeling that can strike anyone, anytime. But how far these relationships go is the burning question? There are instances of one night stands; there are examples of platonic love too.

Falling in love with a woman/man who is below or much above you status is seen mostly in metropolitan cities. People here are too busy to maintain their love affairs; hence they take up something more interesting without investing much time.

Love increases with distance, it dies too if the ends don’t meet. There are examples of successful long distance relationships. There are ugly stories too. However, living your whole life waiting for someone whom you never met is something unusual but you never know when these things become a part of your life. For them, talking over the phone for long hours is more satisfying than meeting each other physically.

Celebrity fixation is something very unreal but it does exist. There are people who associate themselves with a celebrity and thinks that he or she is in love. Love is blind my friend. There are bizarre cases of love; there are actually weird tales of lust. It’s very dark inside.

To be continued…


  1. Very true and practical actually. Nice one. :-)

  2. U put across ur views really well ,waiting for the next part :)

    gr8 blog u have here ,happy to follow :)

  3. Couldn't have been truer!...outward beauty and gratification seem to be the only thing that counts in these busy times!

  4. Somewhere, a lot of us have been callous in letting our minds confuse lust for love!

  5. True ! Nobody can deny it !

  6. @Nalini..outward beauty and gratification seem to be the only thing that counts in these busy times! - Mechanical life and those whims and fancies of a busy mind are creating a world where instant gratification seems to be the only respite.

    @Rakesh…Somewhere, a lot of us have been callous in letting our minds confuse lust for love! True

    @Ankit…These cold facts of the human race are always so intriguing.

  7. Hi Pallav,

    Nice one. I am more into core politics and role of media then into the subjects that you write about.

    ope my area of interest does catch your fancy, you guys can make a difference to the society big time.

    I would still read them and comment.

    Thank you

    Anil Kohli

  8. Thanks Anil for appreciating my write-up. It feels great to get such wonderful comments from someone dealing with a different genre of writing. Welcome! :-)

  9. Times are changing.
    Look at what the world has come too

  10. It's mostly lust that people tag as love to justify their feelings, ain't it?

    By the way, very nice post. :)

  11. Anonymous5:35 AM

    nice one dude!!!!!

  12. @Muddassir...These things won't stop. We have to embrace the facts and move on I guess :)

    @Nethra...The idea of love changes with age. It transforms into lust when we are between 20 - 50. Before and after this period, there's more love than lust. It depends :-)

    @Romantic Poet...Thanks brother :)

  13. well true....love has transformed a lot from pure true feelings to lust..hard to find platonic love in today's world has a darker side which you have reflected out here that too you have put up very niclely