Smart Phone – Is It Really Smart?

Technology is going places. Every second there’s an invention. Smart phones are handy gadgets but how smart you are to exploit them?

Smart phones are sleek, trendy and beautiful. You are the king if you posses this beauty but how tech savvy are you to use these flamboyant gadgets? Are you acquainted with all its features? If not, don’t worry.  There’s no rocket science involved. Practice! Keep practicing and everything will come your way.

Smart phones are really smart because it’s made after a dedicated research. Every minute detail is examined before the launch. Yet, some phone becomes faulty. After all, engineers who make them are also human.

Luxury is the word associated with a smart phone. You can do multitasking. You can be in touch with the world. You can do video chat and share pictures with your loved ones. You can find places with Google maps. In the world of instant gratification, smart phones play the role of the perfect messenger. You can tweet your experience from the venue of a rock concert to make your friends jealous. You can do video conferencing and attend a webiner from the Himalayas.

The target audience of these phones are you and me. People who love to write and explore places. It gives you a sense freedom. You have the entire world at your fingertips. Whoa!

Think differently now. What will happen if the internet collapses, the phones stop ringing? The world would stop. There will be no communication, there will be darkness everywhere. You’ll never be able to read and write blogs, do facebook, tweet about your experience. No text messages, no long distance love, no life. Smart Phone allows us to share which is why it triumphs amid chaos. A smart phone is a loner’s dream, businessman’s hope, lover’s love, and a blogger’s delight. It’s almost impossible to stay without this gorgeous lady…


  1. Smart phones = un-smart lives!

  2. But having said that I concede that I am a hypocrite! I use two!

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  4. I agree with you, that smart phones give us a sense of freedom... we aren't tied down by cables and wires :-) in order to express ourselves!!
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  5. Your last paragraph is really scary (in a good way though :)) I imagined life without a smart phone, and then without any connectivity at all.

    Maybe it's a good thing. What do you think?

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