Sepia Tinted Memories

Photographs of yesteryears
Those sepia tinted memories
First kiss in that deserted park
Those long rides through life…

First crush – sharing water bottle
Declaring your love in the school bus
Blushing next day in the English class
You disappeared after high school.

Poetry connected us,
Distance separated us.
You are gone, vanished
But your shadow never died.

You made me glow over the phone
Your voice was just like a nightingale
My praises gave you wings
You left the country for good.

You drunk, me drunk, danced at the bar
We mingled like Romeo & Juliet.
Long text messages in the midst of exams
You flew away without a whimper.

We met amid colours,
No doubt, there were so many hues
There are only some hazy memories
There’s nothing I can remember more.

You sitting beside me,
Capturing the entire Madrid
Walking along with me
Hand in hand under the moonlit sky

Long summer nights, early mornings of glee
Long wait near the juice stand
You have conquered my world
You are the longest love I had…

I am keeping my pen now
Silently gazing at you
Softly pressing you
To find my sepia tinted memories
Persevered inside you…

(This poem is dedicated to Docomo, Indiblogger, and my readers/friends)



  1. This is a lovely title! Really took me to those first crushes of life. Best wishes poet!

  2. Well, the title itself takes u down to the memory lane. Beautiful, the writing is..

  3. Thanks ucantseeme :-)

  4. Beautiful picture and a wonderful poem!

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  5. Thanks Umapoems for appreciating my poem :)

  6. Hi..nice verse...all the best in the Contest. And Thank you for the vote on "Meet Avalok" Show.