Seductive Online Love!

How does it feel to make love with those flashing words in your chat window? Weird! What is it like to have someone near you always virtually? Do you often use your webcam to interact or are you genetically shy to show your symbolic appearance? Do you love to rant? Do you believe in online love? What about a blind date? What about some sleazy talks? What about the guy who constantly pings you online? Oh Gosh! Can’t we stop gazing at our computer screen; can’t we give ourselves a break from this crazy urban addiction? What are we mostly looking online - love, lust, knowledge, or a mixture of every fine thing?

Online love is no more a fiction. It’s getting real in countries like US, Canada. What about India? Yes. The anonymity is constantly decreasing. Is it a good sign or just a passing phase in the history when everything seems so very near? Are we living in an age of dreams? Are we just making fool of ourselves by creating unnecessary noise about the evolving technology?

Online love! It’s like making a beautiful world around you amid chaos and confusions. Online world is your resting ground, it’s your hammock of desire, you are king here, and you no more chase a mirage. You get almost everything and anything right here. You spent your day browsing, you sleep; you wake up with your laptop. Your half-closed eyes become inquisitive to check the inbox in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Your fingers hop around from one letter to other. Your typing speed is something to admire. You’ve achieved a heightened online state. You’ve no time to eat, you’ve no time for your relatives, you are literally married to your laptop, and you are committed to your online love.

You act like a moron when your internet connection gets disrupted. You curse the operators. You are never satisfied, you need more and more. You’ve checked your facebook profile once, twice, thrice, still not satisfied. Go ahead and open it once. Oh! That red pop ups at the top makes you happy, your heart throbs harder when you are poked. You are perfect; you are so active when it comes to this. Crazy! No.

You often keep looking for tweets mentioning your name; some retweets is a bonus. Is your Youtube channel doing fine? How many followers you have? Do you have a verified twitter account? Are you still confused about life? Are you still learning the art of making love? Are you a virgin? No. Good. I think your Gravatar need some modification. Why don’t you put your Rockstar picture up there?

The whims and fancies of an urban world are hardly understandable. It’s sometimes nice to be like that. No one is complaining. Why should I?


  1. hey nice post...i like the concept of online love and as u said its not a fiction anymore...but i feel the ending of the post is a lil abrupt...u can ignore this if u dont agree.

    cheers! keep writing :)

  2. Hey Pallav...

    Thank you for your vote... nice articles on your blog as well...


  3. hi..
    very nice post and perfectly written...ya you are absolutely right online love these days have becom addiction..but the real love's essence can't be substituted by virtual love

  4. @Pradnya...True! Thanks for your feedback.

    @Amolsledge...Thanks :)

    @Iti...Nothing can replace the essence of real love. I agree with you, completely.

  5. @t one point of time ...i h@d everything online ..:P

  6. Hey..i must say the post is really and true, even. "Reality Bites"

  7. True... and scary to a great extent

  8. I agree with Yogesh, very true and scary!

  9. Its funny how one pokes strangers you may never met in facebook but ignore friends in reality....

  10. True! It's a crazy world. Right?

  11. Very true n very well written !!