Perfect Moan, Silence and the fall...

Half naked, half soaked, half-hearted loner gazing at the beautifully carved damsel swinging insatiably. The moonlight is softly peeping through his half covered room. There are sounds of glee everywhere around him. He is scanning every bit of that sweet melancholy. His eyes are fixed; his mouth is open and the sweat running throughout his body. He is having that perfect ride through the aisles of deadness, through that kingdom of soundless chaos. Pictures from his past, deeds from yesteryears flashes in his mind. He tries to shift his imaginations from one thing to another. The damsel is still hungry. She is tempting him to indulge and deliver…
There’s a fading noise of people murmuring. There’s a hint of comfort.

He tries to take a long flight to paradise. He waits for a while. The stopover seems to be frustrating but the thought of the paradise kept motivating him. The journey is long, the night is wonderfully young, and everything is just perfect for an emergency landing. His thoughts get clearer, there’s immense focus, there’s a unique sense of joy building in and around him. He is completely into that celestial journey. Everything’s getting better, the clouds are moving away, the raindrops are about to fall.

He mildly takes another break, he tries to feel the approaching breeze, his closed eyes could see that beautifully carved damsel swinging in his arms, caressing his neck with her drenched tongue. He feels her, tries to ride again through that aisle of bliss, the paradise seems nearer now, the soundless chaos is increasing, and it’s creating a beautiful storm. The dawn is near, the beauty is getting closer. Oh gosh! The doorbell rings - his divine journey never had a perfect ending…


  1. The title actually set me thinking! :)

  2. Imaginations and imaginary worlds are better than reality, aren't they?

  3. @Rakesh...Imaginations :-)

    @Nethra...Absolutely true :-)

  4. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Thanks for the info

  5. You have a unique style of writing prominent in all your posts.

    Good title!

  6. I know whats the real story.
    But it did not end so abruptly as u potray in here.
    just kidding buddy
    u r a nice writer
    & u know exactly where to stop
    hmmmmmmm...delicious i must say

  7. Thanks Nandhini and Nandita :)

  8. you built it up quite well!