Live Chat – Story of a Live Chat Agent!

Hi, how may I help you?

There’s always a story behind those six words, there’s a human behind those written words that pops out in your screen whenever you visit any website for help and guidance. Technology is becoming instant. It’s creating millions of alternative jobs for people but what about those live chat agents sitting across the world helping people without any emotions. They are always so pleasant, they always smile, and they never get angry.

Are they real? Yes.

The story starts from here:

Who is she? No one knew anything about her. She is a different person everyday. She could chat with ten different people with ten different names. He never gets angry, she keeps sending random pop outs.

She mostly deals with perverts and depressed. She tries to make everyone happy by her repetitive prose. She encounters fake people; she tries to satisfy everyone, every time. If you curse her, she sends a smiley. If you ping her, she sends you an instant link that provides you all the answer.

She is beautiful, intelligent and funny at the same time. She becomes every man’s dream with her witty remarks. Her virtual existence is her strength. She has the ability to seduce everyone with her flawless words. The story of her life is different everyday but nobody cares to listen to her tale. Everyone is looking for help!

She is not there today. No live chat from Julie. She is completely different person in reality.

She isn’t a girl actually…




  1. Well written.I do try to understand their pain...a man or a woman :)

  2. ya nobody knows anything about those live chats agents and their pains but what everybody is seeking is help from them,but whatever you reflected over here is that a fiction as you wrote in the end ? ..i mean this happened in reality also

  3. @Rakesh... ;)

    @We Cognize...Yes, live chat agents may die without an identity. They are just living everyone's life except their own.

    @Iti...True, reality creates fiction. There are real stories about these agents. They are just invisible just like their individuality.

  4. Thanks again Nandita :)