Finger Fixation – Why Some Girls Love Long Fingers?

Do you know many girls love to date a guy with long fingers? This may sound little weird but if you’ve long shaped fingers than you’ve definitely more chances. I know most you must be looking at your fingers now! Girls are born imaginative and they presume things better than boys. They know what exactly lies inside a man and how good is he behind closed doors.

Fingers do play a major role in building connection. It creates some kind of momentum in your body. A slight rub may cause mayhem. Most relationships start with holding hands hence the importance of fingers is indispensable.

Fingers help in sending a positive signal of approval. The excitement of holding your lover’s hand for the first time is just priceless. You just shiver at the very thought of touching your mate in a cold lonely night.

It’s extremely relaxing and soothing experience when the lover’s fingers run through your soft curls. You can just feel them by closing your eyes. The idea of a successful foreplay greatly depends upon the movement and shape of your fingers.

Every girl would love to get a good neck massage after work and household activities hence the significance of fingers couldn’t be ignored. Long fingers would definitely give more pleasure. Why magicians are so attractive? Why hypnotism is performed by fingers? There’s something really magical about them. Sometimes one touch could change your world. Finger fixation is the newest craze among those imaginary kinds. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea…

Do you have a magician's finger?


  1. wow... even I like girls having long nails.... it really attracts me even if their faces arent attractive.... CONFESSION>..

  2. Well, there is, ahem, another theory behind women liking guys with longer fingers as well :P

    But let's not deliberate over that here :D

  3. hmmm ..i @ctu@lly look @ lot @t @ m@n's h@nd :)

  4. @abhilash...Thanks for sharing :)

    @Yogesh...Yeah! they just love them.

    @Vicious...Thanks for sharing. Pampering your fingers is becoming important I guess ;)