Earthquake and Those Snakes from the Dungeon…

The earth is shaking ferociously, the teardrops dancing in cacophony, humanity is shouting for help but there’s no one – just no one around. The void is shamelessly intruding the boundaries. The piercing thunder is creating vivid imageries of darkness. The distant clouds are approaching nearer and nearer. The barren land is exuding nothing but melancholy.

The dew drops are missing, the greenery is slowly fading. Hearts ache, stones in the stomach, flabby facade. Where’s everyone? Where is the sailor? Where’s the watchman? Where is that beautiful joker?

Flash of light, fleeting shadows of lust, skinny zombies and some voluptuous desire. The cottage near the river in on fire, the wooden bridge between the lakes is collapsing in disharmony. The water rising, rising, rising beyond the man made skyscrapers.

Words aren’t enough to describe the growing hypocrisy and dying humanity. If you are sane, if you have an able brain, if you have a dysfunctional heart, you have everything. There’s no room for people who thinks from their heart. They are cursed. They are just invisible in the modern world. They have no one to kiss them, they are lonely, tired.

But who are they? I don’t know but they are the most unlucky lot. They know they’ve no future. They only have their past. They keep whining about life, they keep craving for love. The confused humankind is never going to get fulfillment.

The urban contradictions have so many hues. We are yet to decipher the meaning of life. We strictly hate to follow some rules that dissatisfy us. We are just running after things that look real – only real. There’s no place for fiction. We wait for dawn but we hardly realize the beauty of the night. We crave for success but we never understand the value of a lost battle…

There’s nothing like a beautiful song in a cold winter morn, there’s nothing like a warm hug after a fall, there’s nothing like a smile amid the ever increasing gloom. Life moves on, life just moves on my friend…


  1. But for those who have helped me cope with life, better, I would never have lived in the first place!

    Though starting out on a very anxious note, the post ends well with a great deal of optimism and comforting notion!

  2. There's always a bright thing waiting eagerly for you. The darkness of a tunnel is destined to end. Thanks for praising this piece of madness.