Alternative life of a Laidback Urban Man!

The cup was half empty, the cigarette was half burnt, and the music of Joe Satriani was playing in the background. The night was shivering. The wind outside was creating a beautiful storm.

The nothingness was missing from his life that night. Everything was bright in his galaxy. He greets his guest; he makes her comfortable, offers her a glass of French wine. She winks at him, makes him feel at ease. Someone sends them a bouquet of roses. They feel happy and continue their sweet little conversation. Everything was fine that night except the constantly ringing doorbell. What’s going on? Someone shouts!

He wakes up from his solid romantic dream. He smiles and keep shaking his head for a moment. It was cold winter morn; he was too lazy to step outside in the freezing cold. He decides to order some real coffee and snacks for his breakfast. He dials 23334 and within minutes his breakfast was delivered. He was happy with their service and wrote few lines praising them in their feedback section.

It was a hazy day; he could see the half empty road. He could inhale fresh air from his balcony. He was too lazy to wake up and decides to chat for a while with his college mates Howdy!

He was quite impressed by the recent pictures that were shared by his friends. The trip was really worthwhile. His friends kept poking him throughout the conversation. He goes offline and chats visually with his girlfriend. They seriously discuss their weekend plans. After a brief chat, he exits for a shower. Oh! It was cold.

It’s getting late for the puppet show. His friends were waiting in front of the newly built Echo theatre. Finally, he decides to take quick shower and rush towards the venue. He wears his favourite leather jacket and checks out his pending emails before moving out. Perfect! He scored the highest in music literature. He shares the news with his family and friends and steps outside the house like a king. He reaches Echo theatre in few minutes. He praises his guide for the help.

The puppet show begins; he was amazed to see the expressions. They were so emotive. He took their pictures and posted instantly in his album. He was happy to get so many unexpected remarks.

It’s time to meet his girlfriend. She was waiting near the Boulevard coffee shop. He quickly sends all his finished assignments to his boss and smilingly moves ahead for the meet up. She was looking wonderful; he was unable to abandon his gaze from her sweltering breasts.

The Lush Green Pub was perfect for that evening of delight. They spent their whole night doing Rock and Roll.

The cup was half empty, the cigarette was half burnt, and the music of Pink Floyd was playing in the background. It was a shivering morning. Everything happens for a reason. He kept gazing at his phone and smiles! It was really an amazing virtual tour…


This is my entry for 3G Life Blogger Contest (Indiblogger) sponsored by Tata Docomo



  1. :-) like ur way of narrating thngs !!!!!

  2. Once again, I can feel a huge level of instant connect! Very well written!

  3. I had to read the whole post 2-3 times. Atlast I understood it starts from a morning and ends again in the next morning. Hope I got it right. What a dum I am!

    As usual as I had always mentioned I like this writing style.

    And inbetween was it all 3G applications? Got so much used to reading posts which deliberately puts across "3G does this does that". So is it really a hidden narration or my imagination.

    The best thing of all your posts is that it leaves me quizzical at the end :)

    Best wishes Pallav!

  4. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

  5. Profound imagination Nandhini :)


  6. You hv a great imagination power... that shows on your every fiction posts... and this post is no exception...

    And, your blog now really looks elegantly dressed up! This is now truly professional template.

  7. Thanks a ton Pinky for appreciating my post and my new template. It feels great!