Rock, Beer, Electric Vibes and Delhi

Eight years here, still deciphering the place, the people, the ambiance, the smartness, the foolishness - things that often pesters my mind. I still live like a stranger in this city of lights. The midnight moon sometimes caresses me; sometimes the world around me looks so hazy. Delhi is undoubtedly the most unpredictable city on Earth. I have had good, not-so good days and ugly times too. Times changed; I grew up with the city.

The surroundings began to look like my own. The rudeness here is momentary, the people here are nice but the way they speak to you is still a reason to ponder. I don’t know why people act so busy here. Everybody knows everything, they are masters, they act like that they have conquered the world. You are just nothing in front of them but there are exceptions. Gradually Delhi is evolving. Everyone is an outsider here but the fact is nobody wants to admit that. However, that’s unity in diversity I guess.

I love the place because of its extremity. If you can survive here, you can survive anywhere in the world. Everybody here is living machines with a heart of gold. Quite contradictory, I bet. 

The best thing about the place is its Saturday life. You can easily escape from the tiring reality to a place of your choice. You’ve great options to hang out. I think Delhi knows the art of enjoyment, the art of drinking. However, Rock music is still Greek for many people here. Delhi’s hard rock scene is dull. I know it take takes time to transform the noise into melody but the irony is that we the people of Delhi never try to decipher the hidden trance. Everyone here loves to swing with Desi Beats. There are exceptions but the percentage of Rock lovers in Delhi is quite minimal. Slowly, the cultural capital is spreading its wings. Some places here are really cool. You would surely find a crowd who loves Pink Floyd, Morrison. You are sure to get drenched with too much freedom of choice here.

So, let’s love more, hate less and spread more smiles. Let’s live like a rock star, let’s glorify the power of Beer and Rock together…

Image Credit: Bikash Sidney Gogoi


  1. yup , delhi is hard to decipher ! quite a city to live in ! never could belong in that kind of a place.....

  2. like "we the people of Delhi"
    so u finally accept the city as ur own after 8 yrs

  3. Still learning the art of living in Delhi :)

  4. the jazz scene is somewhat better, from what i've heard?
    the floyd and morrison and the hendrix crowds will always be. but hopefully the sound will diversify in time.
    delhi remains the only metro totally alien to me... hopefully time will change that.

  5. Having lived in Delhi for about 3 years, I guess I have acquired some wonderful traits such a patience, resilience and above all an unbreakable will!

    Delhi makes you that!

  6. Tough city, a lot of resilience is needed to survive here.

  7. hard rock cafe is awesome, except for the prices.. i make sure never to miss the Y.M.C.A performed by their staff

  8. I have read too much of good stuff about HR in delhi.. will visit for sure on my next visit!

  9. @Reetam...Delhi's crowd is good but they are little less inclined to hard rock. They are otherwise fine.

    @Rakesh...Delhi really makes you a man from a boy.

    @Arpana...Unsafe for girls

    @Sneo...Hard Rock Cafe rocks. The music and ambience is great. Yup! Prices are really bad.

    @Mohan...You should definitely visit HR. It's great :)