Poor Poet

Metaphors, similes, words, life
Chatting, ranting and howling
At the middle of the auburn night
He is praising the beauty of words
He is silently deciphering the tide.

Deprived, disgruntled, aimless
He lives in a dreamy kingdom
The world treats him badly
He stupidly recites about tyranny.

Writing keeps him busy
He feels lively and happy.
He dwells in a dilapidated chalet.
Time flies away…

Words cease, oblivion arrives
He craves for inspiration
The malice makes him insane
Gradually he loses interest
His writings fall to pieces

After thousand years
His words grow
But he is no more there.
His expressions rise
But there’s no one to cheer.

The poor poet smiles
Silently keeps down his pen
Walks in the nearest garden
Feels the shining moon again…

Image courtesy: www.paintinghere.com


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Worded wordless poet ... great piece !

  2. I must say your lines transport me into a world, that I long to be a part of!

  3. Thanks Rakesh and Dishit :)

  4. Anonymous10:52 AM

    great writing...............:-)

  5. Thanks Anonymous and Xeennia :)

  6. this is amazing! everybody tries their hand at poetry but what you've written here is rather unique. and quite special in its own way. lovely words.
    this poem reminded me of keats when he wrote kublai khan...

  7. Thanks Reetam, that's a huge compliment :)