Obnoxious Nerds?

His phone is resting in his bed. It’s in a silent mode. He hates his face. Everyone hates him. He keeps thinking about a beautiful life but the ugliness keeps slapping him every now and then. He is treated badly by the world, he is invisible for girls. Life of a nerd is predictable. He is often criticized in the public. He silently walks with his unseen tears. The thorns from reality torture him in his dreams. He loses confidence, he struggles to speak, he is shy, and he escapes.

His presence is abhorred. The apartment where he dwell squeezes his blood every night. He kisses his pillow and tries to close his eyes. Nightmares visit him. The crows never let him sleep in the morn. He hates to face himself. The mirror curses him. He dresses up half heartedly and walks lazily to his office. Life is no more exciting- he says to himself. He becomes a pervert and tries to gaze at every girl but no one bothers to see him.

Nerds aren’t bad but the world makes them so. They aren’t ugly, they are just fine. People who hate them are themselves foolish. There’s light, there’s charm, there’s a huge span. The metamorphosis is beautiful. The story never ends here.

He makes the world think like him. Whatever he speaks create history. When he walks, the world follows him. He designs the best looking facade, he creates a lovely place for people to socialise, his visions for future shapes our present, and he drives Lamborghini and makes everyone proud.

Suddenly, someone enters in the big auditorium with something in his hand. Everyone greets him with a standing ovation. The spotlight falls upon him and he shows his latest innovation. The world sees him, he politely smiles and explains his invention and walks away with all the accolades. He is no rock star, he is no superstar. He is that nerd who was once hated, criticized and dumped...