The Irresistible Indian Cleavage

Deep, dark, fleshy line half covered by Saree where a peek can create mayhem. That’s the beauty of an Indian Cleavage. Divine curves, smooth skin, toned architecture and a voluptuous outline have the ability to change your psyche. There is an unread veil of desire, there’s a trapped sound of agony, there’s half-hearted intention of lust. The shyness between their lips, the heat exuding from their hips has an eternal sanctity. The charm endlessly falls into your galaxy. The glimpse of darkness between those hills makes you quiver with glee.

Women in India love to preserve the mystery inside them with utter ease. They open up slowly like an approaching breeze. They admire their assets in their loneliness. The mirror often praises the terrain valleys. They silently smile and adore their toned bottom. They carry them elegantly. They swing like a mocking bird amid friendly vultures. The tunnel is profound, the wilderness is beautiful, and the anonymity is so very mouth watering.

They bend slowly towards the ground, to reveal that extremely alluring sight. They generate urge to be touched and pampered. They often seems unconscious while most of the times they are voluntary. They play with their dupatta with grace to accentuate the roundedness. Indian women are enigmatic. They love soft touches. They have a strong liking for slow moving hands.

The irresistible Indian cleavages have so many tales to tell. They look best with droplets in them. They could make your tongue flutter; they could produce thunder and lightening in a clear sky. There’s so much beauty hidden behind. The imagination itself is so very celestial…


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  2. Your words celebrate beauty in ways that one cannot easily express - simple yet elegant and very tasteful!

  3. hmm
    cool representation of indian Cleavages....and only u could do that.nice..very nice
    i can see the lust but the real crave as well
    ur representations are very very human
    keep it up buddy
    i like them really :)