Desperate Young Love

The flowers in the garden look unhappy because the gardener is absent. The young lady is standing with a gloomy face near the bus stand because her lover is late. Everyone is searching for true love. Everyone is craving for a hand. Everyone is desperate for something. The story of everyone’s life is different but the joy of meeting someone special is always so very profound. It’s like catching fish in a dry pond. There is so much of beauty all around but life is so very lonely. The laid back luck never comes easily. The sun never shines in your galaxy.

You try to change yourself for good. You try to run for losing weight. You learn dancing to impress her. You join coaching classes to meet someone special. You hop around pubs in search of a soul mate. The desperation kills you. You finally give up and lock yourself inside a room and become the new age Devdas. You talk about the moon and the stars. You write poems, you drink and sleep. You become a moron but love never comes to you. The frustration destroys your self confidence.

There is distraction everywhere. You become a temporary pervert. You no more look good in your trench coat. Your face exudes satanic gazes. A young man/woman without love becomes a notorious soul. He fantasises about everything that’s immoral. He makes fun of himself. He becomes a cynic. Nothing seems perfect in his kingdom.

But the world never remains the same. One fine day he finds his soul mate. He could see the light above her shoulder. He walks hand in hand in a moonlit park. He kisses heavily. He falls in love with the very moment. Everything changes in his life. He becomes handsome, his face began to glow. The flowers in the garden are happy because the gardener finally arrives.

The desperation fades away. The droplet makes everyone happy. What is true love? He is still ignorant about. He just tries to feel it; suddenly he sees his beloved walking away with someone else. She bids a silent goodbye… The desperation continues but love never arrives. The game continues…This is life here my friend. Love is waiting again for you; you are destined to fall once more. The era of darkness would fade away into oblivion…


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Love makes our hearts feel young... no matter how much experience we have, love makes the clock turn back... we are as vulnerable as flowers waiting for the rain...

    random reader

  2. Interesting... I have been in despair recently, observing happy people and wondering why I don't have what they have. I went looking on the internet for something to comfort me. I found this post somehow. Something about it is comforting, perhaps that I don't feel alone in suffering, that someone else knows what it's like, the loneliness... Thank you...

  3. Sigh! Such is love! So much to make the little heart break and remain so forever!

  4. Like money can do 10 things,Love can do 1000 things...

  5. Anonymous1:41 PM