Dark Sky – Story of a Wretched Joker

He is wandering in search of something. He is cruel, ugly, insane and dethroned. The world around him is beautiful but his inside is dark. Everyone abhors his existence; his squeezed face no more delights the galaxy. He is poor, he is a pervert, and he is a stupid man. The wretched joker is dying, he is crawling, and he is becoming inaccessible to the world. Something is killing him everyday; he is unable to see light. The air around is playing violins. The soft symphonies of past is slowly fading away. People avoid him, he is cursed. He is becoming uglier with each passing day. The joker couldn’t feel the changing tide.

The mirror criticizes him. He is useless common man. He is no more the master of his destiny, he is sinking in disharmony. Sometimes he shed tears, sometimes he smiles in agony, sometimes he just encourages the silence to take over. What he is doing? What is the meaning of his life? Why humanity detest his presence? Why he is hiding behind the veil of dusk? He moves like a soul less lizard, people scoff at his meaningless remarks. He is neglected; he is tortured by the endless nightmares. The sky is always so empty in his galaxy.

Another day, another life, some more pain and that timeless sorrow keeps stabbing his mind. The wretched joker is still moving without pride. He is losing respect for his unhappy existence. The dust is making him dirty, the Satan is intruding. His eyes are red, his body looks obnoxious, and the scars are vehemently making him appear like an urban moron. The story of the wretched joker is painstakingly dark, he no more walks in the moonlit path, he keeps penning solitary verse, he no more feels the beautiful words, and he just walks along the killing tide…

Image: fineartamerica.com

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  1. hey you are so different in ur posts
    u hav two sides which are entirely different from each other
    ur depressed side is so touching where as ur lusty side is so attractive.
    u are surely one of a kind pallo
    love wht u write