Commonwealth Games 2010 and Some Glasses of French Wine

Everyone is talking about the upcoming Commonwealth Games. Different interpretations, rain drops, falling bridges, sting operation and many more shocking news and views are entertaining us daily. Even it’s trending on twitter nowadays – mind-blowing!

I am not going to write about the games and the controversies rather I am going to focus on the hospitality that should be shown to the visiting players. They should be given due treatment so that they can carry good memories after the games. We should try to smile often; we should talk less about hatred and love more.

Undoubtedly Delhi is rude sometimes, but times are changing. People here are becoming knowledgeable now unlike yesteryears. Humanity is slowly descending in the capital. The sky looks little clear now, even the rain god is pleased. There is excitement; the festive mood is prevailing now.

Commonwealth Games (CWG2010) is Delhi’s baby and everyone is working day and night for making this event a grand success. The light at the end of the tunnel is approaching nearer and Delhi is almost ready to feel the glowing sun. The melodious anthem composed by Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman would be reverberating all around the galaxy. The changing wind is exuding hope. Some faces are getting back their lost smiles. Some money is really spent. At least, I could see some more street lights, well-connected metro service, roads with and without potholes and some more security force. Something is really happening for good and we should appreciate the change. It’s time to cheer our participants, it’s time to join hands, and it’s time to have some glasses of French wine rather than criticizing the already overburdened organizers.



  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    wow!!! pallav so motivational lines.... really appericate your feelings for commonwealth games.

  2. Hope the visiting delegates will have pleasant stay in Delhi

  3. bhaai.... u rocked.... its good that someone is thinking that after so much mishaps.. how can we still make our nation proud of taking a responsibility to host an international game.. Good one bhaai.. I enjoyed... hope ur words come true..

  4. sagi's are always optimistic
    so are u
    i appreciate ur high spirits
    but i hav something diff to say
    chk my new post dahling

  5. Lets hope for better games...

  6. Let there be light. Thanks all for reading my post :-)