Undelivered Letters, Silent Gaze and the Voluptuous Moon

Sometimes I close my eyes just to think about that damsel who changed the meaning of my life. Sometimes I look at her mutely from my balcony, sometimes I walk behind following her divine shadow…

The rain clouds play music all around. She dances with glee. She makes me restless and happy. The droplets touch her smooth arms; the benevolent sky keeps her warm.

I keep gazing at her endlessly like a mute toy. Her glimpse makes me evolve. I no more sing solitary songs; I simply follow the beautiful shadow.

I wrote thousand letters for her, composed many poems in my dreams. Her charm exudes so much warmth. My heart throbs louder.Suddenly, she calls my name; I jump with delight like a careless child. I look at her – cluelessly. She holds my hand and takes me to another land. I see that voluptuous moon; I see stars kissing me all around. I drive the chariot vehemently; I gallop through those beautiful aisles with her. The bliss mutely slides into my life, the roses looks so very bright. She read poems, she sings like the mocking bird.

There is a cottage near the valley where she dwells. She takes me there and tries to pamper my arms. She gently pulls my nose, she then winks. The smile continued; I kept praising her presence silently. The wind blew harder that night, the smokes transformed, the fireplace became a firehouse. The droplets kept adding love throughout the night. There was no end to that beautiful storm…

Suddenly a hoarse voice was heard. Everything changed. The landlord knocks at my door heavily. He broke my dream but the smiles kept flowing throughout the day, through out the night. Some dreams stay forever, some dreams make you smile all the way through your life…

Image Courtesy: remainaery.deviantart.com


  1. Your posts echo something that is felt from deep within, and strangely for me, something that has left so much of a mark!

  2. a soft thought expressed nicely.

  3. Thanks Rakesh and Arpana :)

  4. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Voluptuous moon .. :p I like that imagery. Nice one . I see we have a similar writing style :)

  5. ur right pallav...some dreams are do remain forever...