Just Escape!

What happens when reality treats you like rats? What happens when the air around you exude venom? What happens when you lose your golden smile? What happens when pain climbs your broken stairs? - You Escape!

Escapism is the best way to find bliss. It’s one of the most traditional techniques to soothe your psyche, heart and your existence. The pen moves vehemently. Words gallop like horses. The world looks bit clear. The ugly planet keeps giving you agony. The voluptuous sun never gives you company. Things start falling apart. You just become a lost soul searching passionately for that bit of sheen.

The invisibility increases, the maroon clouds become visible. What happens when everyone leaves you behind? What happens when the darkness of night makes you quiver? You just escape. Even John Keats would have felt the same thing. The ugly face of reality keeps troubling you every now and then. It treats you badly. It hardly values your existence. Life gets reduced to nothing. The void increases, the closeness disappears.

Alas! You hear thunder and lightening roaring and howling through out your nights. The devils in the form of everything appears in your galaxy. They try to squeeze you, pester you without any feelings. They show their cruel face, they disregard your whole existence.

Suddenly silence knocks your door. You become numb. You neither smile nor laugh. You just try to move on. You just escape…

Image courtesy: esharkdesign.com


  1. You want my answer? I "break on through to the other side!" :)

  2. I "break on through to the other side!" - Profound :)

  3. In truth, that response was prompted by the picture! :)

  4. raisa :-)10:17 AM

    Hey u just write too good man....the way u express ...its like nyone can feel it....!! too good alwys :-)