The Invisible Scar…

Darkness from the dungeons constantly beckons him. His invalid life heartlessly craves for that white poison. The smokes of desire spreads like swirling snakes in his living room. He puts his head inside the decaying refrigerator; he tries to feel the icy-cold air in his loneliness. The shadows from his past makes him quiver, the ghost of his ex-girlfriend tries to seduce him at night. The heat generated from his past creates restlessness. The murk softly slides into his life. Nothing looks fine…

Tonight he is writing a poem for her, the words aren’t black, they are simply red…

Stop there! I have to say something my dear.
Your shadows are breathtakingly ugly…
Take them away,
Take them away from me…

The nightmares you’ve given me are remarkably unattractive
Your image looks like casket full of lies.
Tonight you must be happy in somebody’s arms
But the venom is spreading in my veins…

Stop there! I have to give you something
As you are designed to acquire,
Catch these black roses; they won’t look repulsive in your carcass.

Stop there! I have to say something my dear…
Your silence isn’t your answer,
Your avoidance was just not a blunder
It was planned with care…
It gave me a new life to decipher.

Stop here! Don’t try to caress me
Your presence no more delights me
Just take the shadows away,
As they are so very ugly…

The maroon clouds are singing passionately tonight. Roads to his home are looking smooth and bright. The shadows are disappearing and stars singing loud. The void created in life is now filling up with some desires. The chaos is slowly fading into oblivion. He is no more walking with her memoirs. He is just pampering his heart. He no more craves for that white poison; he no more curses the night.

Silently walk beside me my dear
You look so beautiful in your night attire.
You are my muse, my love…
Her new partner mutely whispers in her ears
He is so very unaware of her yesteryears…

That’s how things work, sometimes they are happy, and sometimes they are sad. The curse lingers on. She becomes a drifter. She is still craving with her empty arms. She is ageing without pride. She must be cursing the invisible scar tonight…

Written exclusively for Soch Lo (The Movie) Blogger Contest organized by Indiblogger


  1. love is so complicated... and when its full of lies and deciet it becomes a curse...
    dark write ... loved the anguish and pain expressed in the first part... well written

  2. Excellent narration of the pain..

  3. this is d best one till date
    u r surely going better.
    hmmmm...simply nice
    i m yet to learn a lot frm u Pallo

  4. Anonymous2:36 AM

    The reader is going along the way with you... It is well expressed and quite universal though meant to someone in particular.
    We all go down that road some point of our life ... no matter if the road is ugly at times , it is where you get in the end that matters!

  5. Love is not in holding back. Love is 2 let go....

  6. Anonymous6:03 AM

    I agree with Gazal but Though I know the theory i find it difficult to accept in practise ;-)

  7. Such an excellent depiction of the pathos of love. Love's pain always hurts but the way it is described by you is wonderful. Thanks for a nice read.