From The Dungeon...Insignificant Human Life

Sleeping, counting, and talking. The four walls of the living room are tired of watching an invalid soul. Between death and life, there’s a thin line which makes you stay awake in the middle of those painstakingly dark nights. There is a horror of dying, there is some unyielding calmness, there’s nothing around that can motivate you.

Hapless, cacophonous existence grows beyond control. The invisibility increases, your phone rings endlessly and you have nothing to talk.

After 7 long tiring days of isolation, you are finally released into the world (the greener one). You feel better now, your headaches gone, the temperature is gradually decreasing. You’re able to feel the peeping dawn.

Some people, some thoughts, some memories have gone down me. I am scribbling these because of them tonight. The journey won’t end abruptly for sure…


  1. One's greatest feat of courage is to find courage when one endures the darkest of times! Maybe I should call that a feat of determination, but I guess that is just another expression of courage!

  2. searching for the "like" button !

  3. I do feel the same at times, when you don't quite know to smile or cry, to sit or to stand, to write or not to, to read or not to, nicely written, infact beautifully!

    A Journey to the Unknown Spaces