Gravitational force, Theory of relativity, Avogadro’s hypothesis, flying engine, may be a time machine, spy chip, these are hackneyed ideas….

So here’s something that’s going to blow your mind, make you say wow. It’s a 21st century 2050 innovation.




                                                                      The Mind Fuckir ©

What’s this?
A unique gadget that can make your brain fly to any part of the world, take pictures, make love and fuck greatest minds and come back with something called Back-dream.

What’s Back-dream?

Back-dream records your dreams during your brain travelling session. It gets credit for seducing the best genes.

What are best genes?

Best genes – people with very high emotional quotient, knowledge of literature, art, music, science, medicine.

How the Mind Fuckir work?

Mind Fuckir is only available to the selected few. They are generally gifted. The geeks will have them as I am going to distribute 5 Mind Fuckirs to 5 geeks like me. Slowly this gadget will multiply and one day there will be new breed called The Ultimate Mind Fuckirs.

Are you eligible for The Mind Fuckir? 


  1. Welcome Mind Fuckir :) The blessed Kin ;-)

  2. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Dude! I think I've been doing this for years. Only we use a different name.Cool post though :)

  3. @Annasarp...wonderful :)

  4. You did start the post with a Bang but fizzled out without wasting time. Amazing are the ways of of Mind Fuckirs!

  5. True..That's how Mind Fuckirs' brains work. Welcome Umashankar :)

  6. mind fuckin tendency leads to creativity......i fuck others mind...m a genius and make others in backfoot. cheers mind fuckers!

  7. The geeks are back :)