The Beauty of Written Words…

The sun goes down
The night crawls into your galaxy.
You walk tirelessly with your broken muse
You remember, you forget
You smile in your solitude…

Then some drops of rain makes it better
The symphony around soothes you
It wakes you up from your dream
You spread your wings
You just feel the benevolent sky…

You are transported to a world
Where your smiles are praised
You dance with the waft of breeze
Words give you company
You fly with them…

Some prose, some poetry, some memories
Keeps you busy, keeps you happy
They are like the melting snow,
They do salsa and jazz in your melancholy.
You’ve them, you possess them, you flaunt them.

And the journey continues…

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  1. ya the journey continues...very nice lines...

  2. correct :) d journey continues
    n the words keep us close to ourself and give us a break smtimes of the greys to a beautiful dreamy world

  3. Thanks Eve Dreams and Megharana :)

  4. Nicely written - yes, the journey continues.

    I love the way you make fantastic ideas seem real. 'Broken muse' is an interesting choice of words :)

  5. Oh yes, the written word makes the journey worthwhile no matter how broken you feel. Good imagery!