August Cloud…

Silent streets, faded chattering
The music of Eric Clapton
Playing in the backyard
Lazy afternoon, some books
The sunlight peeping through…

The fruit seller is shouting with glee
The apartment is half empty.
The watchmen is no more seen
The trees moving leisurely
There is so much peace.

Alone with my words
Trying to create poetry
The fragrance of lavender
Is so motivating me
My fingers endlessly moving through.

There’s nothing like a lazy afternoon
It’s intoxicating like the hemlock
You hear songs of nightingales
You fly like a mocking bird
That’s the beauty and luxury of an August Cloud…

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  1. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Beautiful portrayal of a lazy afternoon... And yes,.. the music of eric clapton added to the blueness of it..

  2. A wonderful composition, one that creates in the reader's mind a sense of bliss when envisioning a state that is elementary, yet most enjoyable!

    Someday, I'd queue up to get an autograph of yours - that I have no doubt about!

  3. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I am here to follow your lavender dreams ..the fragrance was irresistible..
    Beautiful verse Pallav. I will be reading some of your posts today that I had bookmarked.
    Have been wanting to read for a long time.. today is perfect.. lovely August eveing

  4. @Rakesh…Words of admiration coming from you is always so enlightening. I could clearly see the sunbeams in your words.

    @Aativas…Some moments are so very peaceful. It motivates you to capture every minute with adequate ease.

    @Tikuli…The irresistible lavender dreams gives you a high. It lifts you; caress you without saying a word. Thanks for reading my write ups. It’s bliss…