1000 Faces inside a Dream

There are two different worlds. When one ceases the next starts, when one closes its eyes, the other opens up. The landscape changes, everything appears to be monochromatic. Some hazy images revolve around your mind and you keep deciphering them involuntarily. Disconnection becomes so very relevant. The world of subconscious is different. It’s strange but you never realize its weirdness till you jump back to the other world - the four dimensional landscape.

Things are different after you close your eyes. Every night someone tries to narrate a disjointed tale.  Every night you become a passive observer. You see known faces, you see people whom you must have encountered or seen for a brief time. Your closed eyes makes you see those faces that you forget to see in your reality. The world after you sleep is so surreal. You see graffiti, you fly, you fall from a tall cliff, and you try to run from gun shots, you fall, you struggle to move, and you freeze. The sepia-coloured imageries speak something to you but you struggle to interpret the hidden sense.

You keep walking through a never ending aisle. Sometimes the scenes changes drastically. You see people swimming inside an aquarium; you fight and scream and you see flashing faces. Nothing is constant in that world, nothing is even. The detachment and absurdity evolves, the surrealism settles down. The colour of your dreams are sometimes blue, sometimes it’s grey. Sometimes you just get into it. You start participating with those floating images, you never realise that it was a dream till you open your eyes. Sometimes you feel glad to wake up after a nightmare and sometimes you feel cursed to face the reality. You see 1000 faces, you travel through unknown places, and you meet lost friends. You cry in your dreams, you smile, you scream, you try to do everything inside a dream.

Recollecting your dreams makes you crazy while some lingers through out your life and you never realize their meaning.

The maze keeps annoying you. The hazy ideas and half told tales inside your dream-scape stimulate your mind to think about things that you seldom remember. There’s a hangover every dawn, sometimes they make you imagine and sometimes they just makes you spellbound. The floating imagery, those faces, those fleeting shadows make you speculate about the beauty and ugliness concealed inside a dream...


  1. I can very well understand the dichotomy here and the anxiety!

    God bless!

  2. Dreams, reality and the perpetual dichotomy.

    Thanks for reading this post Rakesh :)

  3. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Brilliant .. Dreams.. we are such stuff that dreams are made of and our life is rounded by sleep

  4. wot kind of person ur man.. ur always producing gem... god bless u...