Why Are Skinny Models No More Hot?

Do you have bones to flaunt? If not, you aren’t in shape to walk the ramp. Skinny girls look hot! What an irony? Well, mannequins too have the similar vital stats. Girls love to flaunt a skinny structure for looking young. Everyone wants to exhibit a size zero outline.

Why fashion shows prefer to create so much fiction? Why there aren’t comfortable with an hourglass or a plus size model? The idea of style isn’t going well with the present generation. There is air of falsehood and hypocrisy lingering everywhere. The thought of an ordinary face and body looks fuzzy. 

The sleek silhouette impresses every designer while the real world wants curve in plenty. A bikini is imperfect for a plump lady while they look ridiculous in a skeletal body. Obesity is bad but anorexia is a curse. The idea of looking skinny is nothing but a mental disorder. It’s just an illusion that tempts every female to shed those not-so ugly pounds.

Men love to see some flesh instead of those frames. Yet, the make-believe world of fashion is tempting every female to take up a starvation diet. We have also seen extreme cases like Bulimia where girls are eating and deliberately vomiting for attaining a bony structure. There are various surgeries available that promises to discard that extra fat from your body.

Well, there’s a choice for everybody but don’t you think some people are going overboard in the quest to look chic. The snazzy cover girls are tempting every next door lass to look like them. Well, there’s an exception always. Almost every woman knows their priorities. They know how to accentuate their god gifted assets. Skinny girls are definitely not hot. They are just living mannequins which is why they are called models. They may have appropriate features and magical attitude but they lack curves that make a woman…


  1. Well, you came up with a valid theme, which is a mess among the female community. Many girls are obsessed to be slim, to impress guys or to be proud among girls groups. This skeletal fashion is an insult to the poor people who face the rigours of poverty.In the past,the skeletal images of humans were synonymous with people struggling with hunger. There were news that French fashion world contemplated stricter rules for models as they are bad role models for many young girls, who starve themselves to look like slimmmer models.Well, it's high time for the so called talented designers to come up with designs which suit the girls in society.At the end of the day, its them who are gonna buy those fashionable dresses.If they can't design as per the requirement of real life girls, then there is no need for designers.The local tailors who measures and stiches always produce dresses that suits the common women.

  2. Firstly, the pic you used in this post is darn scary.
    Secondly, me being on the bulkier side, food is more important than anything else :P . Though, I have come across so many kids in their teens obsessing about size zero. They don't care about the body mass index ratio and due to the false knowledge and manipulative advertisements, all they care about is how to fit in a "skinny" dress. Being healthier is more important.

    I recently saw a girl in gym, almost the size of the girl in this picture. Same skinny hands and skinny legs. Even the trainer got scared. They told her to gain some weight in order to stay alive and healthy.

  3. For me, nothing can beat the fashion of a lady well clad in an elegant saree! As simple as that!

  4. That assured me that there are guys who want girls who aren't skinny. See, I'm not that skinny so. ;)

  5. hehe..
    i was smiling all the while reading it...

    its true...men love flesh rather than skinny girls....

    agreed...i do diet at times but neva wana be that skinny,zero figure thng..

  6. Anonymous11:33 AM

    A healthy balance - physically and mentally - is what makes a woman look and feel beautiful about herself. It's nice you took up the topic :)