That Missing Silhouette of Desire

She waits for me near the juice stand
She smiles at me, praises me every time
She mutely walks beside me
Holding my not-so soft arms

She loves Pizza, she adores the rain
She is like the mocking bird – carefree
She winks at me, talks about beauty and personal care
Her silent prayers never abandon me.

She loves the mountains and the valleys
She often tells about running away from the urban chaos
She craves to mingle with that benevolent hilly air
She too love the maples and those white lilies

She loves shopping - especially those kurtis
She loves to buy me new tees
She waits for me always near the juice stand
She mutely walks beside me
Holding my not-so soft arms

She calls me everyday, every night
She becomes timid if my phone stays busy
She loves my weird voice
She never cribs; she never tries to manipulate me

She loves the careless breeze,
She loves fried corns.
She no more waits for me near the juice stand
She mutely vanishes from my kingdom
Like a fiction without a valid ending…


  1. Nice one. It was like showcasing someone who loves you alot.

  2. nice blog..just stumbled here..very interesting space :)

  3. Very Nice!!! Had a Metro touch! ;)

  4. Thanks Nithin, Sovina and Rain Crab:)

  5. I'm more of the archaic romantic poem guy, but this was great!
    The power brought on by the simplicity in the lines was brilliant.
    Nice one, Pallav.
    Oh yeah, the last line was the best for me. Very profound, yet simple.

  6. Anonymous9:22 AM

    hey i still wait for you...and keep on waiting for u.

    So good you write..really enjoy ur writings.

  7. simple....nt ur style as far as i knw, but, u nailed it my friend...nice post...every urban solace has its own story, n u portrayed it beautifully....

  8. Thanks Just_a_pen_in_my hand, varshu, anonymous and D2 :)

  9. wow...

    she is beautiful,isnt she?