The Soul of a Vampire

The gale looks beautiful when it comes with raindrops. The paranoia fades down. There is a sense of freedom all around. The jazz evolves the chandeliers makes unique clamor and a soothing symphony oozes out from those frozen arteries. The vampire approaches slowly towards his elegantly clad mistress. She surrenders herself to that exclusive fantasy. The raindrops start hammering; there is a scream inside and outside…

The soul of the Vampire is shining tonight. His frozen blood is melting into desire. His mind is seduced, his tongue is fluttering and heart is beating harder. The fragrance of lavender is spreading like wild fire. The mistress touches his cold neck, she tries to smell his blood drenched lips; she tries to create beauty out of the beast.

The shy moon is no more seen in that rain covered night. The far away hillside is exuding sonata of love and lust. The house amid those heart warming waterfalls looks heavily priced. The night looks different; the color of blood is white. Tonight the mistress rises, tonight the vampire falls.

Suddenly, there is a noise. Someone tries to break the harmony. The vampire rushes towards the closet, the mistress wears her gown. The lover stands in front her. The mistress kisses him vehemently. The vampire quivers, his soul cries out of agony. The night looks different; tonight the color of blood is white…

The lover softly plays with her long curls. She moves like a dream in his arms.

The Vampire fades away into oblivion from her mind. She endlessly dances with her lover. The soul of the vampire dies that night. His appearance changes as he kills both of them. He screams in agony, he shouts in disharmony.

Tonight the vampire isn’t lonely; he is drinking blood in plenty. Tonight the mistress is dead as her love was unreal. The frozen heart of that vampire made room for the lady but her cravings for that dual fantasy caused that inevitable doom…

The gale looks ugly when it comes without raindrops. The paranoia settles down. There is a sense of suffocation all around. The jazz fades down, the chandeliers makes unique clamor with fright. Tonight the melancholy conveys nothing but gore and blood…



  1. Wonderful writing man,,,,though i didnot understand the part where u say her lover was unreal...I mean did the vampire set her up or just generally?

  2. Whoopsy! This kinda scared me! :)

  3. @Shahid...Thanks! Her Love for the vampire was Unreal :)

    @Rakesh...Thanks man!

  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

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    Is this possible?

  5. it was scary....

    do u beleive in ghosts n all or just a fiction writing...