How to attain a perfect beach body like Kim Kardashian?

Calories! Well, people nowadays are too much conscious about their health. They are hitting the gym, taking up power yoga, cycling and what not for shedding those unwanted fat from their body. Almost all fitness magazines have a column for weight loss. People are almost going crazy for attaining that perfect body for feeling good.

Obesity is becoming a curse for the present generation. Junk foods, mindless nibbling, stress, depression and lack of sexual activities lead to weight gain. Sometimes it’s hereditary. I am not an expert but I do feel that looking good and healthy is becoming important now in order to get requisite attention from people around you.

I have some not-so great ideas for people who desperately want to lose weight within a month and I bet they work.

Top 5 ideas for losing fat from the comfort of home

Listen to rock music: Yes, if you are not a great fan of rock then you should better start listening and do some serious head banging. Jump around your living room for burning those calories. You will feel thirsty after doing these for sure. So, keep drinking water through out. Water keeps your digestive tract dirt-free that will consequently accentuate your overall health.

Red wine: Do you know why French people are so fit? Yes, they take red wine daily. Wine contains Resveratrol that not only boost your metabolism but also rejuvenates your heart. Regular wine intake also keeps you young. It’s the famous French Paradox. They live longer compared to Americans, Indians and others.

Sleep: Well, I know it’s difficult to sleep when we have so many things to do in a day. We are fast changing into insomniacs, which is of course affecting our health at large. We stay awake for completing our blog posts, we need time for updating our facebook status, and we hardly get time to sleep. We sleep in our paid hours. So in order to lose weight - sleep early. I know it’s difficult but if you want to shed those ugly pounds that you just have to sleep more.

Have Sex: There’s nothing like sexercise for sure. Keep the foreplay little longer for burning more calories. Kiss more for discarding that double chin. I know, it’s difficult to perform this activity if you are single. Therefore, you have to try other options for flaunting your dream body. Hitting the gym is passe; it’s time for intelligent weight loss. Have a balanced smoke diet. Don’t forget to follow all the famous positions for completing your mission.

Stay busy: Laziness is a curse. You should never stay idle. Give a long disconnected speech. Laugh like a mad man. Laughing is good for your heart. It increases your blood circulation that consequently revives your overall health.

Follow these tips for staying gorgeous throughout your life. Well, these are only my viewpoints.

What’s yours?


  1. I like the wine idea. I will buy some. :)

  2. Thanks for the tips! You are on a rock and roll boi! :)

  3. oh yes.. i have heard a lot about Resveratrol and red whine! Wish i could try! :D

  4. Red wine works. It's good for skin for sure :)

  5. about the mad rush for work and back, the time spent hanging out of a train because it is crowded - arent they better than treadmills and balance training? ;)

  6. Far better Journomuse :)