Melodies of Night, Symphonies of Desire and You

The wind around is caressing me with open arms. It’s whispering about love, life and you. The moon is peeping through my windowpane, it’s gazing at me endlessly, and the stars are shining bright. The aura is exuding poetry. My senses are awake tonight. The walls are looking bright and the gloom is away for a while. You are with me tonight; you are kissing my dried lips so vehemently, you are just making me crazy. The night is becoming more pleasurable with your company.

The nightingales are singing with delight. The lilies are dancing in harmony and the world is smiling at me. Some nights are lonely; some nights are full of fright but tonight its bliss. I am no more running behind those fleeting shadows, I am no more climbing those puzzling staircases, and I am just enjoying the soft arms around me. The fragrance of your hair, the sweetness of your benevolent smile is stimulating the four walls of my heart to pump so heavily. There are moments of pain, there are times of happiness and then there those symphonies of ecstasy. I am no more walking with the dead, I am no more building sand castles, tonight everything is real, tonight everything is just perfect…

There is silence now; there are no symphonies, suddenly the moonshine faded away from my galaxy. I am again amid melancholy. You are gone now; you’ve taken away my soul to a distant land. The sky looks green now, the moon looks dark and the sunshine looks ugly without your company. I was so very comfortable with you, I saw the world in your eyes but you ditched me and ran away with someone else and I am still cursing the dark.

Your coffin is floating in my dreams, your eyes are shut. Yet, I am craving for those moments of my life when we were together, when we both cried for each other, when we dreamed of traveling the whole world together…

Dear Miss Cherry, I miss you tonight in your first death anniversary…


(Image: deviantart)


  1. Purnima12:49 PM

    its beautiful..!!!
    the way the pain and agony is penned down is amazing..!!

  2. Such a wonderful tribute!

  3. Thanks Purnima and Rakesh :)

  4. Ah! Was it a tribute to someone ?
    Wonderfully penned down.
    By the end I could feel the pain...