Great Stories Don’t End...

Frozen heart, nightmares, loneliness, mood swings, heart aches, bizarre thoughts and a laid-back soul. Love stories, kisses, flowers from heaven and a dark corridor. Mind games, surrealism, neon colored smokes, ice cubes and a voluptuous afternoon. Trees moving slowing without a clamor, the scorching sun rays peeping through those human made glasses. The old man is walking with his grand children, the fruit seller is shouting without glee. There is little movement but so much cacophony.

Miss Cherry is waiting for her lover. She is preparing chicken soup for him. Mrs Daisy is cleaning the house and Mr Moron is typing insane thoughts. Everyone is doing something. The watchman is sleeping in his throne near the lift and the driver is cleaning his boss’ Audi.

The stranger is walking in the mall with so much curiosity. The saleswoman is trying to manipulate him with her charm. The cinema hall is deserted as good movies are rarely releasing these days. The crowd is rather resting inside their homes.

That teenager is still angry with his dad and his mom constantly caressing him with delectable homemade desserts. The prisoner is writing books on wisdom and the footballers are practicing vehemently for the next cup. The cartoonist is creating pictures of the world.

Sonia is making love with her ex boyfriend while Mr Jacob (Sonia’s husband) is making presentations on Infidelity. Politicians are giving life changing speeches and their supporters are praising them endlessly in the sweltering heat. The bookies are making plots to kill Paul – the octopus while Mr Paul is thinking about his rebirth.

Mr D is googling for psychedelic music and some marijuana while Mr J couldn’t stop praising Kafka. Mr B is sharing old school pictures on facebook in his free time while Miss S is busy collecting comments from her loved ones. Andy is updating beer quotes in his wall while others are giving philosophical reasoning to his creative thoughts. .

The world is tweeting about Inception today because it’s the only substantial source of entertainment left after the Fifa world cup. Miss Rosy is still whining over her broken affair while her boyfriend Mr Dean is dating other girls.

Look, Mr Heart is still sad because he is single and trying hard to mingle with anyone. He is searching for love offline as well as online.

The world is busy molding their dreams. There are beggars, there are kings and there are people in between. There are dialogues, there are actions but in between there is an endless silence. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone is delivering something or the other.

Mr Moron is still trying to put together that jigsaw puzzle, he is trying hard to prove his sanity to the world. Great stories just don’t end. They evolve with time that keeps amusing us through out our lives…


  1. Absolutely!!Everyone has a story to tell..we just need to look around for inspiration.

  2. Dude, must say that ur writings are just amazing...its like they will take u in to thoughts u have never been before..

  3. This is really good.
    It's like Mahatma Gandhi said, "Whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it is very important that you do it".
    Everyone has a story of their own, however unrelated it may seem to anyone else. And in the end, everything is connected.

  4. @D2…May be it's a sheer coincidence but I felt Goosebumps after reading your lines. I wrote this piece before watching Remember Me where the main theme is Gandhi’s quote and then you wrote this comment at night and I am reading this in the morning. All the three tales are taking place at different time, different places but they are so very connected.

    "Whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it is very important that you do it".

    Thanks D2 for your comment

  5. WOW !!This takes a journey around this world.. keep going..

  6. interesting.. u r a very good writer n today for the third time i m visiting ur blog. :) :) :)

  7. Thanks Nisha for appreciating my blog. It feels great.