Fairplay – Are you Fair Enough?

Pale skin is a classic fixation. Fairness is in vogue and almost everyone is trying to lighten their complexion in reality as well as in the virtual world. Now every guy wants to look like Robert Pattinson. Fairness is not only limited to the female population. The metro sexual culture is evolving like never before. People are taking up expensive fade creams, skin lightening injections, surgeries and what not for attaining a bright yellow appearance but do you think fair skin really exudes beauty? Do you think brown or dark people aren’t gorgeous? Do you think being fair is something great? I guess not. Although the world runs after fair skin but the reality is everybody can’t be pale like those vampires. The sun makes us brown and sometimes we look golden too.

The trend keeps changing but do you think fair guys have more beauty quotient compared to those darker ones? Do you think those girls who possess pale skin are lovelier? From fashion to cinema, people mostly prefer to see fair skinned performers and that’s a fact. Do you think there’s a racist inside us who keeps supporting pale skinned people? There are many ugly urban tales of prejudices that haunts us.

The world is at the brink of change. Now your skin color may not hold any importance. Now we have powerhouse performers like Denzel Washington, Will Smith who are equally craved by the opposite Sex. Now we have African American President, now we have Freida Pinto and Kim Kardashian. They aren’t pale, they are just brown but their attraction factor is no less than other stars. But we still crave to flaunt a pale skin. We aren’t happy with our skin. We want more. There’s confusion everywhere. Some people hate their pale skin while brown people crave to flaunt a fairer appearance.

Fairness plays a major role in marriages and love. There is a subconscious reality that believes in prejudices. Are you comfortable with your skin? May be yes, may be not but the question is - are you fair enough? 

Lately, I came across an absurd application in facebook that promises to give you a virtual makeover. This application claims to make your profile picture look much more fairer than reality. It was extremely ridiculous to see such software doing great. Yet, my question is why there is so much craze for a fair and lovely skin? We have seen Michael Jackson ruining his skin in the quest for acquiring a fair complexion. Some says he suffered from vitiligo but I think a prodigy like MJ must have also felt the same urge like most of the brown and black people feel now.

Fair skin is touted to be beautiful. It imitates sophistication and elegance but don’t you think we are wrong? Don’t you think even dark people look beautiful? Don’t you think we are obsessed with fairness? Oh! Who cares, the urge will surely continue but the trend may not stay alive for long. There will be a time when the color of our skin wouldn’t stand as a barrier. There will be a time when people would only crave for a humane skin…


  1. oh yeah..that facebook application is like a slap on the face of indian which says that "here is to your superficiality" ..why all this crap on being fair..and let me assure you girls in india face so much of discrimination on skin color..still..it is just pathetic.

    P.S. thanks for following :)

  2. Nice interpretation. Thanks Sovina :)

  3. I think in most cases it has something to do with people craving for what they can't naturally have.
    A lot of white folks are in for a tanned brown look and the naturally brown Indians think that a fair complexion would make them look more appealing.

    It's certainly very racist to differentiate people in such a way on the basis of colour, but it's the trend, at least amongst metro sexual people and it's sad to say it's going to stay awhile as long as some sense isn't knocked into them.

  4. Some people are very comfortable with whatever the physical assets they have or don't have but they are very few. Most of us are vain and our entire personality is centred around our own proection as a good looking person. Being fair skinned is therefore becomes a passion, baldness is embarrasing, short stature is humiliating and so on. We become a psychic mess in chasing these things and someone will make a cool pile.

  5. Hey you have picked up a nice thoughtful topic and agree with you that only colour of skin doesn't matter but its your virtues. But this time I want to say something about your writing style and I hope you won't mind.. It seems odd to read.. like you are asking questions and questions saying 'do you think..' and 'don't you think..' again and again. It could be shorter by cutting one or two of these ques though the thought is very good and people should think about it.

  6. Its just peer pressure, people who are not so pretty get bogged down by their more beautiful counterparts, and it all goes in a circle!