Emotional Atyachaar at Midnight

My phone was ringing, it wasn’t singing. It was yelling and howling like hungry werewolves. It was a mundane Thursday midnight. Everyone was sleeping except me, my phone and the person behind the ringing tone.

I somehow managed to wake up and answer that call in my sleep. My voice was hoarse, my mind wasn’t at peace and then there was that unpredictable downpour of ugly words from the person behind the phone. Someone was accusing me endlessly right, left and center. He was making me feel guilty.

You took my girlfriend away from me, you did this and that and I was listening to him like a dumb sheep. I was trying to understand his agony but couldn’t find out the reason he was calling me. I kept the phone with disgust as he was talking something ridiculous. But the phone kept ringing.

My sleep was already gone. I was pondering about the whole episode but couldn’t recognize his girlfriend. Suddenly one more call from different number. You are the biggest cheater I have ever known. The person behind the phone was a girl this time. I couldn’t recognize her voice even. Hey, lady, I think you are talking to a wrong number – I said. But the lady insisted that she was right. You are the father of my child. Hell! This is going crazy now. I told her not to bother me at the middle of the night. Then the voice behind the phone changes, it was a male voice now…You are gone dude. You’ve no way now. I was traumatized by this misadventure.

Suddenly, there was big laugh. Hey dude, this is Ritwik. How are you? You…after traumatizing me asking how am I? Hey dude, please check out today’s date. Oh! Hell, it was 1st April and I am their first victim.

The lady was my friend too. Finally, we had a good laugh and chatted through conference whole night and bunked office next day to celebrate the famous fool’s day. This was my Emotional Atyachaar story. What’s yours?


  1. On a related note;

    What do you when the devil takes your girlfriend? Nothing! If the devil has made a mistake, let him pay for it by enduring the consequences!

  2. Anonymous4:20 AM

    LOL :) That was really an atyaachaar :) You must return such lovely gestures :)

  3. @IHM...I am planning to do it soon :)

  4. Anonymous5:39 AM

    With friends like these, who needs .... !!

  5. Very funny ! I have heard of a similar experience from one of my friends.

  6. Thanks Just_a_pen_in_my_hand and Deepika :)