Dreamscape Vampire and Drops of Fresh Blood

Some vampires are different. Although they love the smell and taste of human blood but they are unable to feed themselves in bright reality. They haunt their prey in their dreams. These vampires sleep.

The morning sun annoys their skin. They are dazzling and beautiful. Dreamscape vampires are supposed to be the blessed ones. They have unique powers. They can easily manipulate your dream state.

The darkness inside your dream is often frequented by these creatures. They appears in the form of someone you know, they seduce and kill you in your sleep. Their attack last till you are inside your dream state. Vampires are suave creatures who execute their plans with sheer panache.

The negative energy around you is created by them during your sleep. Their astral bodies constantly fly within your dreamscape. In order to fight back, you need to have a strong mind. They love to drink young blood.

29th March, 1960….

The silent midnight looks enticing yet eerie. The vampire is on the prowl to find and kill his victim. His bloodthirsty tongue flutters with delight when he spots a young lady in white. He kills her. His thirst increases, his onslaught becomes severe with the passing midnight. He kills everyone in the hour of darkness. The wind of death lingers all around. The silent town isn’t sleeping that night. The vampire killed everybody. Suddenly, he wakes up. He sees blood and wounds in his body. He quivers with fright to see his heart coming out from this body. His hands drenched in his own blood. He yells!

Nightmares do leave real scars sometimes. The boy in his late 20s was dreaming that night and unconsciously he wounded himself. He was playing the role of both the hunter and the hunted. Stories of vampires may look enticing but they do have the ability to create an ugly illusion in everybody’s mind. Beware...



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  2. There's some inherent connection between you and vampires, eh?

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  3. Good one.

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