Do All Relationships Come With The Past? Soch Lo!

When love dies, lust occupies a human mind. When the smiles of yesteryears fade down, the whirlwind of perplexity gallops through the aisles of your invalid kingdom…

His heart tries to visit those lush green memories. The calmness is missing in his monochromatic galaxy. Almost every relationship comes with the perpetual past. The ghosts create disturbance, the lush green memories turn into fatal dissonance. The pain begins to linger throughout every corner of his throbbing heart…

His past becomes his curse, his present collapses. The maze called life plays eerie symphonies now. His tears are red, his eyes are all wet.

Relationships are constantly falling apart because of misunderstandings, expectations. Love is losing its virgin fragrance. It’s becoming a commodity and everyone is craving to flaunt one. It’s fashion to hang around with a good looking girl or a boy. The purity is somewhat missing in this fast changing world. It will be silly on your part to expect your partner to have no past now. As I have said earlier, almost every relationship has a past. Some past fades into oblivion, some stays behind and some curses you everyday, every time. Life is unpredictable, sad and ruthless. The longing for a momentary bliss is creating disharmony to an urban soul. The rate of physical as well as mental infidelity is increasing. Life is treating no one very well.

Once upon a time he was loved by everyone; he was the talk of the town. He was having everything that he wanted but now he is lonely and disrespected. His life has reduced into a mental asylum. He is tortured by his past memories every night; even 10 sleeping pills aren’t enough to provide him that long lost sleep. He tries to watch movies, he tries to listen to music but the howl of his past prevents every good thing to slide into his loneliness….

There are no golden rules to make a relationship work. It’s all about destiny and that heavenly chemistry. There’s no soulmate, there’s only reality that is ugly, dark and full of dungeons.

Nothing is permanent, nothing is complete. Everyone is living an incomplete life. That’s what life is and the beauty rest deep in its incompleteness. He is no more crying tonight, he found his dream fairy, he isn’t worried about his past neither he is concerned about his future. He is just living in the present. The dawn is glistening now, the shadows of past is no more floating in his galaxy. There’s always a silver lining, there’s always a happy beginning…

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  1. This ones touching!! You need to go thru to understand it.. nicely worded, well put through!

  2. So true..loved the part about virgin love thats extinct as of now..
    Nice one.. :)

  3. Thanks Rinaya for appreciating my post :)

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    guess never got the chance to come by and thank you for following my thank u so much for following :)

    Also, i like the post and you really write well..i agree that you should try and look past the bad things and focus on the silver lining which is always there somewhere :)

    have a great weekend

  5. Human life itself has become a commodity and so all human emotions like love, fear, joy etc.

  6. Very true very true.... a man/woman who makes you forget your ugly past is also part of todays life :)

  7. @Sovina...Nice to see you here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @Aativa...Love, life, joy - almost everything now is momentary. I am still waiting for that silver lining that seems to be hiding somewhere. Thanks for reading my post.

    @Rain Crab...You are absolutely true.

  8. wow...

    it was a beautiful post...

  9. the best part about the whole article is the silver lining.
    u write really well Pallo.
    u knw wen i joined facebook
    i went so craaaazy abut u

  10. Thanks Nandita for appreciating this post :)

  11. Wow! Great emotions, brilliantly portrayed

  12. Very nice and touching post Pallav.. and so true these days everyone does have a past.. Voted for you! Good luck for the contest :)

  13. Thanks Avada for appreciating and voting. It feels great :)