Disturbed Reality – Whisperings of a Crazy Mind

Hallucinations, sleepwalking, eerie songs from the woods, eating disorder, nightmares, Gothic castles, grand mom’s face, swinging hammock and some surreal moments of deep anguish describes his existence. He often climbs puzzling staircases and sees flying cars and buses in his dreams. He struggles to get back to reality. He lives in paranoia. He finds nobody around. He is imprisoned inside the unreal living room of his vulnerable mind. He suffers from insomnia, he sees white blood, ghost of Jim Morrison, war, and strange faces that constantly try to manipulate his survival.

He hears fading sounds from reality but couldn’t feel them fully. The chattering of people in his neighbourhood wakes him up while the twilight gives him nothing but fright. Nightmares visit him every time he closes his eyes. Those unique dreams make him thirsty while those strange faces never let him drink anything. He craves for ice cream, he travels strange gullies in a cycle, and he sees clever people around him. Sometimes he looks good in his dreams but most of the time his ugly face amuses no one. He mutely moves towards a silent corner and sips tea. He is attended by nobody. Even his shadow seems invisible. Lizards and rats wander around. They try to pull every chord of his brain. He flies and falls. He could make giant leaps; he witnesses white castles and an aquarium. 

Why there’s so much disharmony in and around him. What’s bothering him so much? He isn’t into drugs but his hallucinations are getting weirder with each passing day. He is quite now. He stays in his own world. The trauma of his existence is felt by no humane soul. The invisibility is increasing, the smokes are rising, and the sweat is dripping endlessly. The doomsday is near. The whisperings of a disturbed mind is often unheard and neglected that leads to withdrawal. The lonely urban life is transforming us into mad men. The everyday chaos is turning everyone into zombies.

However, there’s always a dawn. There’s always an appropriate way to pamper your life. There’s never a dead end. There’s always happy beginning…

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