All about Men and Their Fantasies

All men are born with a heart that throbs for someone genuinely many times unlike women. They have the power to move ahead after a disastrous relationship. However, there are exceptions everywhere.

First love! Men at large are polygamous in nature. Yet, he can never forget his first love throughout life. He keeps mentioning about those past romantic tales to everyone even to his wife.

Men love appreciation (genuine one). They need constant motivation to move ahead. They look happiest after making love. They often sing their favourite song after conducting the most pleasurable thing on earth.

Men love gadgets, music and girls with bigger, rounded butts. They are born lovers. Yet, some men are too shy to express their feelings openly that leads to depression and drugs.

There are various categories of men:

1.    Cream: These men are very hard to get. They are mostly found in high end pubs. They like exotic things. That can be wine, women or cars. These men are rich, good looking and very suave. They have a very unique taste. They are superficial at large.

2.    Bread: These men love to fly. They love adventure, biking, scuba diving, rock climbing etc. These men are very good in bed as they are athletic and full of toned flesh.

3.    Ice: They look lost, they are often found with i-pods. They love hanging out with friends. They are hip. They wear trendy shoes. They love partying a lot. They are very honest with their friends.

4.    Honey: They are sweet. They always carry sugar in their mouth. These men love women. Yet, they are not so popular among the opposite sex and they score low in action. These men are actually not bad.

5.    Hot Chocolate: They believe in limited talk and more action. They are passionate lovers and are extremely good performers in bed. Their partners admire their skills. They love experimenting with things. These men are serious yet cool. They know the art of seducing anyone, anytime. They may not be good-looking but their unique charm can create mayhem in any women’s life. They are the hottest among the herd. They are sensitive and intelligent. They love reading, writing and performing. They may be little selfish while achieving their goal. Yet, they know the art of keeping the balance between work and life.

Well, there are various other kinds too. Every one is unique. If you are a man and reading this, the above list can give you a vague idea about your personality. Choose your category. If you are a woman, then you can easily identify the best and most admirable group. Please leave your replies as I am waiting eagerly for your comments.


  1. After knowing much about women...its great to follow up with this post...wonderful piece indeed!

  2. Purnima12:53 PM

    So...,which category do you belong to..??

  3. hehe...kewl...i want chocolate one...

  4. @Nikita...Intelligent choice.

    @Purnima...Guess :)

  5. Anonymous11:43 AM

    That's a detailed account on the types of men. I think you have a keen eye for people.