There Is a Dream inside Everyone - What's Yours?

Dreaming makes me sane, dreaming makes me a man. A world without dreams is nothing but melancholy, a world with dreams create a place full of harmony...Keep dreaming and one day you will find your dreams near your doorstep - smiling and waving at you.

Dreams do come true! In the world so full of chaos, some people like you and me try to seek solace and harmony in our beautiful dreams.  Yet, we see nightmares, we see storms, we see earthquakes, we see what not. Dreaming is a default mechanism and we can’t stop this process from intruding our lives so frequently. Everyone dreams but the irony is only a chosen few acquires them in reality. 

Do you believe in your dreams? If yes then let’s move ahead. People see various disconnected scenes in their dreams. They sometimes see a complete story. Sometimes nightmares make us shiver at the middle of night and sometimes a beautiful dream refreshes us. We see recurring things, we see same individuals again and again. Are these things trying to convey anything to us? Why we fly in our dreams? Why we never die in our dreams? The mechanics is quite interesting. Interpreting dreams isn’t an easy thing but there is some amazing understanding behind every imagery. Some represents love, some reflects your career, some symbolises your relationship etc. It’s a different world all together. Day dreams inspire writers to scribble. It’s useful for scientists for innovating newer things. Yet, dreaming is considered to be a waste of time by many. Reality pulls you back and you start acting according the present norm. There is a tug of war going always between your heart and your mind

A singer dreams of mesmerising the whole world with his or her voice, a musician dreams of creating a thunderstorm, artist dreams of painting a masterpiece and a writer dreams of completing his first book of tales. Are you a born dreamer? It’s a never-ending process and we all love to design our dream castles. There’s no harm, there’s no pain. So let’s flaunt our dreams with flamboyance, let’s live life with grace…


    Dreams are a mystery, but they are integral to our lives, good bad, happy sad, beautiful, ugly we witness so many of them, yet are unaware where they come from, what do they indicate... :-)

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  3. Dreams gives hope....and hope gives way to achieve your dreams!!

    so keep dreaming

  4. oh yes.. many consider dreaming is a waste of time!!! But dreams are a great source of my inspiration!!! :)
    good post! :)

  5. True!

    Thanks Rain Crab :)

  6. Amazing post, Pallav.
    Being a dreamer, I know what this means completely.

  7. For me, I'd dream before the happening! I guess that says it all!

  8. yes. Pallav .Dreams breath energy into life.I love to dream..You have written beautifully.