Superficial Love – An Urban Dilemma

True love is bliss, it lifts you, it makes you fly, it lightens your heart, and it transforms the world around you with so much ease. Yet, good times are so momentary. Those teenage dates, those late night talks, those love songs keeps delighting your present. Time flies away, you grow little old, you walk, you leave your past behind so easily. Yet we keep craving unconsciously for that old-world charm. There are so many phases of life, there are so many shades of beauty, and there is so less love.

Love is the only priority in this not-so lovely life. There are people who struggle throughout their life to find his or her true love. They wait for the right person – sometimes they get basket full of lilies while mostly they are filled with thorns of agony.

No one seem be satisfied in this fast changing world. The urge for achieving the best is always there. Everyone is chasing a mirage; everyone is undergoing a slow death. No one is so damn lucky.

The urban landscape is exchanging fake smiles; it’s a place where there is everything except love. You don’t love now, you only compromise. Lovers become losers, ditchers become the winners. You just become invisible. Erstwhile relationships are so evident in a cosmopolitan city. The rise of cougars and dissatisfied men reflects the urban dilemma. Sex is the priority now.  Platonic affairs are history.

Gone are the days of simplicity, it’s time to flaunt your materialistic prowess. Are you super rich? Are you super handsome? Are you a super man? If not, you aren’t eligible to love. Crap!

I think true love do exist. I think there’s always a happy ending…


  1. Yes Pallav, true love does exist! One requires commitment, persistence and will to make it happen!

  2. I agree...'ditchers are winners'..but i pity on those people who r not able to recognize dat who luvs dem truly just bcoz d odr person had simple plain words to express their luv unlike odrs who show it off all d time.

  3. @Rakesh and Jaspreet...very true :)

  4. Anonymous10:40 AM

    too good...!

  5. It DOES exist, true love. Only, it has been portrayed far too unrealistically which raises our expectations from a relationship.

    When those expectations are not fulfilled, the worst happens => a breakup. This is accompanied by disillusionment about love and we start questioning it's existence as such. This gives rise to posts like these which leads to comments like mine.

    It's a vicious cycle really.


    Nice post btw, glad to know other people believe in true love as well=)