Second Hand Dream, Memories and Some Burning Ashes of Desire

The wet pillow often speaks to him softly. It caresses him, it gives him nothing but melancholy. He sees the dry river, his emotions float through the strange valleys and he flies through the aisles of dreams. He sees Miss Cherry; he smiles halfheartedly as he struggles to cross the dungeon full of icy dragons. The insanity makes him quiver, he dances with the dead, he weaves tales that no one reads, he walks with pain, and he cribs for that forbidden rain.

He visits narrow corridors bereft of flowers and petals, he talks with the nightingales and tries to sing in tune. He meets her, he tries to touch her, and he tries to cajole her. The scars grow larger; his not so old life makes screechy noises. The fright in his belly makes him rude; the hidden curses of past slaps him.

His poetry exude no meaning, his prose reflects nothing but misery. Oh! Shadows of Miss Cherry revisit him, he tries to touch the fleeting shadow, and he tries to feel the fragrance of lavender in the air. He blabbers about the half naked moon and the glittering stars. Time flies away, his face looks old, and his existence becomes invisible…

Before 5 years…

He is walking in the rain, the breeze touching her rosy cheeks. He meets Miss Cherry, talks to her flawlessly. They fall in love and vows to live together for the rest of their life. They fly through the aisles surrounded by flowers and petals. Suddenly, the unkind breeze takes her away from him. He kept wandering like a nomad soul; he fails to feel those lost fragrances of lavender all over again.

Tonight he is visiting Miss Cherry; she is sleeping like a beauty. She smiles to see those flowers in his hand. He sheds some tears; he sits down and kisses her coffin that was resting unattended from 5 years…


  1. OMG! I cannot say in words how I feel!

  2. abhay kaushik9:38 PM


  3. Thanks Rakesh and Abhay :)

  4. agree
    best till now
    unexpected turns
    u r surely growing
    sometimes loneliness pays well
    and in ur case it surely is