Rejection Phobia - A Typical Male Syndrome

Blind dates, long distance affairs, telephonic relations, pen friends, childhood crushes and a typical male behind them all! Everyone is unique, every man is different. Yet, the fear of rejection always lurks like an inevitable shadow around an urban man. So, let’s find out more about this typical male syndrome.

There are disastrous tales of blind dates when two complete strangers meet up to start a new journey. Blind dates are rare these days with the advent of social networking sites. Yet, there are males who still make sand castles about a woman after hearing her voice over the phone. The same is applicable to women. Everything that sounds good may not necessarily look good. A typical male would never like to face rejection in his first blind date.

There are three types of men in this world. The first category is bit practical and would forgo rejection, the second type would introspect and move on with life and the third category would never appreciate rejection coming from an opposite sex. Rejection phobia is a part of every man’s life. Therefore a typical male would love to see signals coming from the other side.

A typical male enjoys female attention. Yet, there are exceptions. Some men hardly care about these things. Rejection phobia prevents them from proposing their childhood crushes, next door damsels and college sweet hearts. They keep everything locked inside their heart throughout their life. Some men get lucky as they have the unique ability to decipher the hint coming from the other side. However most of them aren’t expert in these things at large.

Maturity brings inhibition. The difficulty levels increases with time as an urban man thinks too much. Thinking is good but sometimes listening to your heart may provide better results.

Everyone loves to be cared and pampered. Everyone craves for a stable relationship, everyone needs a partner but the syndrome stops them from achieving bliss. An open mind is the key. In order to shed this phobia, one shouldn’t think women to be a different species and embrace them like its own. Rejection phobia is momentary that fades away with time…

What's your story?


  1. Oh yes, I can so much relate to this - the rejection phobia!

  2. Interesting insight.
    I believe I would stand within the second group of men, thankfully! :D

  3. Thanks Rakesh and D2 :)

  4. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I come in the second category ! However I feel the time for moving on increases everytime for me.. Has happened to me twice..

    About keeping the feeling locked inside.. My, how I wish it wasn't that way, but then I end up doing the same.

    Not treating women as a diffrent species helps.. Learnt this lesson from a awesome friend a few years ago!

  5. Pallav U R a very good writer