Open Love – Confessions of a Lovelorn Single

Adam and Eve fell in love after eating that forbidden apple and were thrown out of the paradise for good…
Love kept evolving through out generations, there are epic tales, and there are stories of gore. There are moments of bliss and than there are those painstaking accounts of perfect pain.

World at large is crazy for love. It’s an expression that can change the whole metabolism of your body. It can rejuvenate all your senses; it has the ability to transform anyone’s life. But our world is never like a fairytale, it’s sometimes like a nightmare that tries to kill us in our dreams.

Everyone loves their yesteryears, their fun filled salad days. They reminisce about their care free times; they keep gazing at those sepia coloured pictures with so much peace. But everything changes with time, your heart no more throbs with ease at the glimpse of your loved ones. Yet, everyone yearns for love…

Gone are the days of heartbreaks and hearth aches, it’s the age for people who knows the art, the real craft of staying in love. Maintaining a relationship isn’t so easy but there are people who constantly keep strengthening the bond of love. How they do it? Are they magicians or some kind of hypocrites who just continuously act with their mind?

Everybody is wearing a mask that contains some fake smiles, some stale expressions and some hidden desires. The world is changing and the movement around the whole stratosphere is producing poisonous smokes.

Being romantic isn’t easy for a man who never had a good relationship in his life. It’s like a Herculean task for him to impress his partner. Sometimes it becomes difficult to put that mask always. You feel suffocated and finally you decide to quit and jump to another relationship. Yet, the shadows keep lingering and the falsehood keeps cursing you through out your life.

Open love is the only option now for people who constantly keeps drifting. These people aren’t insane; they are born lovers who want to stay in love always. Anything less than that brings disharmony. This is how a Casanova and a Don Juan is created. Infidelity is so very common because of the urge of experimenting. These things are always dark yet look so very alive.

These are only my opinion. What’s yours?


  1. well I dont agree..there is no such thing as open is either love or it isn't...when one willingly tries to experiment n thus tries to fall in isn't actually is 'timepass'.Love can't be unknowingly falls in love n then it is difficult to come out of it.

  2. Open love is just a fiction for true people may be. Thanks for your input Jaspreet :)

  3. Something I've realized is that despite the highs and the lows we trudge about, we can not ever do without love!

  4. Well this is era of open love.Just think,how many times one move from one relation to another.It is happening all around us.Many people get into multiple relations before settling down.Humans do have a heart full of love.At different stages of life,it opens to various people.It may be interpreted as infactuation or crush,but people do pursue it seriously until they realise,it wont work.Lucky are those who get it at first attempt itself.

  5. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Hi, I am a passerby. Came to know of your blog from Indiblogger...... Well, being romantic isn't easy for a girl either, who never had a good relationship in her life. Still, how I see it is you either love someone or you don't. If love can come and go so easily it is not love but something else that keeps one single.

    By the way, I love the picture of the key hole in this post, says a lot.

    Have a great day,

  6. Promiscuity is indeed very common in this generation. But that does not indicate the end of the real deal - romance as we hear about it in old tales that we know of. It exists. It might be difficult to perceive, harder to maintain because of the pace of this society but it is there nevertheless.