Mixed feeling - Life of a Young Adult

Life is bizarre, life is a pun, and life is poetry. Every day he learns every night he forgets them. The tide keeps changing and life moves on with grace. Life of a young adult is full of chaos, disharmony, and confusions. The cluelessness creates turmoil and the cravings for raindrops craft a unique dance of solitude.

There is lust, love, and obsession but there is so less peace. He feels all alone amid the crowd, his tears get hidden behind the smokes. He whines as he fails to make his presence felt. People misunderstand his actions, they misinterpret his words.

Life of a young adult is like a boat amid waves and seashore. He could see the lighthouse but fails to reach the shore. The continuous cacophony makes him rude. He fails to feel the diverse shades of the moon. He falls, rises again, and keeps falling again and again…

There are memories, there is a flowery future and then there is that void. He looks all around his apartment for a whisper; he gets nothing but silence in return. The famous loneliness keeps haunting him. He hates philosophies and speaks bizarre things. The itch keeps him alive. His days are grim, his nights are young. He loves prowling in the dark. He searches for that lost pin of happiness in extreme darkness. The agony inspires him; his frozen heart melts with disharmony.

The sudden gust of love touches his motionless heart. He feels it for a while and suddenly everything fades down. He again transforms into a sad storm. His life is simple, his life isn’t different. He takes everything for granted and finally life takes him for granted. Life of a young adult isn’t sad. It’s just that mixed feeling I guess.


  1. Incredibly well written, Pallav.
    Describes my life, if I might say so!