Love, Life and Social Media

What’s your relationship status? Andy is confused but his facebook status is always so pleasant. He talks about beer, movies and what not. He tries to write poetry sometimes, he slogs like a dog to get comments by tagging almost everybody in his friends list. Yes, he is proud to be a social media addict. His parents scold him for staying glued to the computer. He seldom hangs around with his friends and loved ones.

Andy loves to update his status after every 10 minutes, he loves to play online games, he smiles when gets some imaginary cash. He hardly talks in real life but blabbers like an unstoppable orator in his chats. His day starts with facebook and literally ends with it. He eats, sleeps and drinks social media. He is the king; he is a celebrity in his own world.

Why Andy isn’t mingling with anyone? Why is he so detached from the real life? What’s wrong with him?

The online world is dominating our lives, it’s becoming so very part of our existence and no one is complaining. Everyone is enjoying its beauty and I am not an exception. Nothing is wrong with Andy; he is smiling because he got twenty comments in his latest update. He is popular now at least in the virtual world, which is much beautiful than the real world. Social media is a Savior, it’s a healthy drug that can be taken anytime, anywhere and there are no side effects. 

Is Social media a waste of time? Andy has the answer – he says, it’s the future. The advent of this platform is a blessing to humanity. It’s connecting everyone, its distributing free knowledge, it’s fascinating. Well, Andy may not be right as he hardly knows anything about the real life but who cares – he is the online Rockstar.

His parents barely understand his prowess. He still struggles to explain the importance of blogs, twitter, and facebook. Unlike Andy, his girlfriend never invests time in these things. She loves shopping and also drags Andy to come out with her. She makes him comfortable with the real world, she understands his desire. Andy looks lost when he faces reality.

Every night he tries to think, every night he fails to quit social media. He loves to talk about life, love and everything. He upload pictures from reality, he smiles when he gets comments in plenty. Andy’s world is beautiful, his world isn’t different.

Do you think the advent of social media is transforming our lives for good? Do you think blogging is the next big thing? Do you think Andy is wrong? Do you think there are other important things in life?

Well, the future of Social Media is safe because people like Andy will always be there caressing and praising the gorgeous virtual world. If you aren’t comfortable then you may leave, it isn’t the place for mediocre, it’s the place for rockstars like our beloved Andy who must be updating his next status now…

We all love Andy? What about you?


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    well, I probably am a version of Andy. But as an experiment I have turned myself off twitter and facebook, still blogging though. Lets see how this experiment comes off.

  2. Blogging is better than facebook and twitter I guess - Cheers!

    Let's ask Andy...

  3. While I am a thorough advocate of social media and mediums such as blogging, I'm very conscious of the fact that they cannot substitute for real life relationships that are very essential and need to be cultivated, maintained and enriched all the time!

  4. A lot of bloggers may make it to your list of proverbial Andys (which leads me to think, do you have a secret camera put up some where in my house? :P) who have made up a social universe online. But I am of the opinion that this will not remain so. There might be a moment of epiphany wherein they ask themselves when was the last time they went out. Or circumstances might force them out in some place with no net connection. Ultimately they will come to realize that a social portal is only so much as the life they live outside their computers.
    Comments might be numerous on a single pic. They will be all like "NIce pic", "excellent pic", "look hot", etc. but unless you dont go out of the house those comments will never be from your friend who captured that particular image, divulging that exact memory as a comment. Some how even one of such comments brings more joy than thousands of those 'sexy!! " comments!

  5. Good one boss.. i liked it very much...keep blogging..

    Chinmay Chousalkar

  6. Thanks Rakesh and Sourabh for such thoughtful interpretations.

  7. There's a little Andy in everyone, eh? I'm currently in an off facebook phase..:)

  8. There's a little Andy in everyone...Agreed :)

  9. There's certainly an Andy in everyone in this era. But the social world created on the internet is only virtual. It can never substitute real relationships of any kind completely. Andy would never be completely satisfied, say when he is with his girlfriend out in the real world because he know so little of it and it's literally alien to him.
    Facebook and the other social networking sites are only good enough as a pastime and in getting connected, giving them their name, per say! Blogging, however, though you included in the post, is something quite different. Undoubtedly we meet new people through blogging as well, but needless to say, that's not exactly what it's for. It is as we know, for sharing ideas and beliefs and other thoughts that we may have.
    The real world can never be replaced. That's where we go to at the end of each day.