Bikini Phobia or Inappropriate Gaze? 15 Reasons Why Indian Women Don’t Wear Bikini

The dilemma continues, there are unanswered queries about the thought process of Indian women. There is a big question of westernization. Hypocrisy holds no water. Indian women are voluptuous, pear-shaped and extremely gorgeous. They are no less a wonder. Wearing bikini cannot be nudity but we can’t change our mentality. Indian men often get aroused by the glimpse of a well formed cleavage then how can you expect women here to wear two pieces…

My last post (Bikini Phobia) was all about the fears and inhibitions of wearing a two piece and therefore I decided to continue this post. Is it Bikini Phobia or inappropriate gaze from men that prevents Indian women to wear swim suit on the beach?

I got some startling and straight forward comments.

15 Reasons Why Indian Women Don’t Wear Bikini

This is a compilation of 15 wonderful perspectives from 15 different bloggers/readers.

Why Indian women don’t wear Bikini?

1. Munish says:

“The biggest hindrance is the way men ogle at women in bikini. This makes a girl conscious. Such a thing never happens in US or Europe and that makes a girl lot more comfortable wearing a bikini.”

2. V Rakesh (A veteran blogger from Ooty) agrees with Munish’s viewpoint.

3. Kiran appropriately points out the reason behind the whole dilemma. He says: I think Munish is right too. The single largest factor which discourages women from wearing even some stylish dresses (like say above-the-knee skirts) is the unhealthy attention from men.

The corollary to this holds too. Indian men ogle precisely because they are not used to seeing women in this attire. If we see more women wearing bikinis, men are bound to take it as an everyday thing and stop making her uncomfortable.

Chicken-and-egg problem?

4. Naveen also emphasises on the issue of ogling and gives his viewpoint. He says: Yeah, the above comments are exactly right!! In India, people are not used to seeing these and they stare at women wearing a sleeveless top or knee less skirts, and I bet this kind of stares ain't comfortable to deal with. So that has to be the reason, on one hand!!

Suddenly an anonymous reader becomes little sad about the whole situation and writes a attacking comment.

5. He/she says: Some one is too sad that Indian women aren't embracing an anarchic western fashion. Well first of all be daring to let your wife or sisters to get on beach in two pieces, before even thinking about other Indian women. Just because western women barely dress on beaches, its quite ridiculous to say Indian women aren't courageous. Just like their two pieces, western girls relations also are multipieces.
6. Then comes Shahid’s one liner comes as a some kind of breeze:

He says: It is a slow process eventually people will be able to accept the bikini.

7. Wannabauthor’s reply.

Totally relate with it. Being an Indian girl and having the perfect bikini body not.

Yes what is it with guys and there stares in India? One 'tapad' (slap) to all of them and a pat on the back to all those girls who are still willing one dress how they want to. What say you girls? Is she correct?

8. Indiahomemaker says:

Bikini is seen as a 'Western concept' and 'against Indian culture' by some Indians (who may or may not learn English/drink beer/wear Jeans/themselves) but that alone wouldn't stop anyone from wearing it since Indian women do learn English, and Indian men and women do wear Jeans - so it seems the real and main reason why Indian women do not wear bikini is the feeling that they would be blamed for 'provoking male attention' if they wore a bikini, so I agree with Munish, Rakesh and Kiran too.

9. Now comes D2 with his wonderful comment:
He says: I agree with the other comments as in a bikini wearer in India would be ogled at shamelessly. I've been to Goa and I've seen it there and I've been to Miami and it was incredible to see the exact opposite. People don't care who wears what.
It would obviously give Indian women an intrusive feeling if they were wearing a two piece swimsuit and were being gaped at the entire time. Anyone would feel weird if someone was gawking at them!

But yeah, who cares if Indian women wear bikinis or not? They're beautiful. They're charming in a unique way and well, they're Indian! I believe that's good enough!

10. Journomuse inputs. Quite interesting.

She says: A plunging neckline is enough in India to ensure really uneasy times. You don't know when you will end up on some sleazy video uploaded on youtube by someone who was voyeurishly capturing you while you were in a pub or a restaurant. Our society needs to have a more mature approach to what is nudity and what is perceived nudity I feel

11. Kcalpesh agrees with my post and says: 100% Agreed Boss!

12. A pear shaped answer from Ana_treek:
She says: First of all, in India it is unsafe to go out fully clad, and in a bikini, yeah rite!
And secondly, on an another level, Indian women mostly are pear- shaped and this body type is unsuitable for bikinis

13. Lastly Mohit says: I agree with most of you that it is the way men ogle at women which make them feel uncomfortable wearing bikini. But we shall also understand that we all come from a culture where bodily show-off is a big taboo. So, that makes it more difficult to feel real comfortable wearing bikinis without any hesitation.

14. Indian women don’t wear Bikini because they are shy, conservative and culture bound. They have a unique appeal that they never want to flaunt in public. They are pear shaped and voluptuous. Most women crave to have a perfect bikini body in India too but it’s not much necessary here unlike other countries. Indian women are sensuous and are capable of creating mayhem without a two piece.

15. Waiting for more answers…


  1. Ogle? Alas, if men in India stopped at ogling or staring at women. A fully clad women in the middle of street is molested in broad day light (which for some reason people call it eve teasing, may be to give less importance to the issue) and if she complains, she is blamed for it.

    What do you think will happen to a woman in bikini on a beach? Guess, then if someone rapes her in the broad daylight in a crowded area, no one will help her. In fact they all will happily blame her: thats what Indian women are afraid of. Thats the real phobia..

    Our society had a tendency to blame women for anything and everything, even though they are the victim. If there is no justice or common sense prevalent in the society, who would want to take chances with the system and why?

  2. Anonymous12:22 AM

    I totally agree with Richa.

  3. so the point is men should STOP staring blatantly at women so that women can feel more self-confident and wear outfits that men can steal a glance ... :)

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

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    Is this possible?

  5. pallav!!!!!dear some little logical approach..;)..wink wink..

    1. body type doesn't matter. Even in Western countries I have seen voluptuous women carrying bikini with ease.

    2. Irksome men aren't the only reason. If it was most women would have given up clubbing and pubbing..Staying in Delhi you know it yourself.

    3.All Indian Women aren't pear shape.

    4. Women aren't always blamed for everything. ( it's completely situational)

    5. We don't have enough beaches fit wear bikini.Some coastal lines in India are really cold and some dirty.:( ..

    6. We have lot of moral police (:P coincidently they happen 2 b the dominating sex).

    7. Indian women believe men's imagination..:P..dropping everything would mean preserving no charm at all.

    8. U wear or don't wear a bikini..u gotto get wet anyhow...

    9. For are right there is no justice..The new Bill against sexual harassment proves it that Women are treated as a second class citizen in India.

    10. My Question to you is...What is a bikini and why is it worn on the beaches????

    11. Why are always Indian women in or not in bikini are subject of speculation??? why aren't we talking about Indian Men not wearing swim gears or swimsuits???... :P..pallav I need an answer..

  6. I love the comment made by Anonymous.

    It is also onto about the body type. Men are full of double standards. They wear a veneer of sophistication in public but they are completely different under the mask.

    Let your wife, sisters and mom wear bikini first guys. Don’t talk about body type and all that ogling.

    Sorry to be blunt. Bitter truth :P

  7. Anonymous3:56 AM

    One should see the history of the bikini atoll islands and how it came about by the French designer. It was initially banned in a lot of US states but by the end 50s it started becoming the norm. France was way ahead. It was indeed a huge liberating movement for women in the west along with the very short hemlines in the same years. Women are a looooong way from any kind of freedom or leeway in such matters.
    My girlfriend has been wearing minis occasionally and bikinis always on beaches in India and at the hotel pools. The public pools clearly mention two pieces not allowed. She is happy to wear them wherever she can. And I enjoy that too. It is true that on public beaches people do stare. But it does encourage other women to at least venture near water and try on even a single piece suit... why not... someone has to start somewhere. Do it if you have the guts. Else do not do it!
    But do not link rape to the way you dress. Most rape victims across the world were not wearing bikinis when they were raped!